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Why do some people report bad FUE hair restoration results?
Follicular Unit Extraction simply refers to a method for harvesting follicles. More individuals are choosing to go the FUE Hair Restoration route because it does not procure a linear scar that needs to be kept hidden through long, shaggy layers of hair. With FUE, there are far more hair styling options, including extremely short buzz cuts. Also there are a number of other less obvious advantages of FUE surgery.  Patients, for example, don’t have to worry about issues with scar stretching or tension. With all this advantages, FUE hair restoration is fast becoming the hair transplant procedure of choice for most patients. So why are people reporting bad fue hair restoration results?

Cause of Bad FUE Hair Restoration Results

There are many reasons for experiencing a botched FUE hair restoration results:

Extracting the follicles is only one part of the hair transplant process.  Surgeons also need to have expertise and experience in selecting the grafts, as well as storing, handling and inserting them.

The transferred follicles may fail to grow. Or hair may emerge at unnatural patterns and angles.

Therefore the doctor’s overall skill set is essential.


Bad FUE hair restoration results
Crown and overall density improved by Dr. U.*

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