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Q. What is Finpecia? Is it  an effective medication for hair loss?
Finpecia  is manufactured by Cipla in Goa. It is basically a generic version of Finasteride. The drug can be used for hair loss as well as benign, enlarged prostate conditions. Each pill contains a 1mg dosage of Finasteride. Basically, it works by blocking the enzyme (5-alpha reductase type II) which is responsible for breaking down testosterone into DHT (dehydrotestosterone). Reducing the accumulation of this compound in the blood stream can be an effective way to prevent follicles from miniaturizing. DHT inhibits the normal intake of oxygen and nutrition from the circulatory system.

Essentially, Finpecia works in the same way as Propecia.

There are many patients who have reported excellent results by taking this drug. However, it is important to purchase it from legitimate pharmacy sources and not from online suppliers. There are cases where imitations are sold to unsuspecting individuals who later experienced undesired results. The active ingredient may be slightly different in these versions. And therefore, it is not worth taking the risk making such purchases for the mere sake of convenience.

As with any other hair loss drug , the effectiveness of Finpecia largely depends on the patient’s stage of thinning or baldness. Actual growth is more likely to occur if  the follicles are still in their early stage of miniaturization and have retained their ability to produce new hair.

Why Would Finpecia Be Used Over Propecia As A Hair Loss Drug

If desired results are not obtained from using Propecia, alternative options can be considered through the guidance of a physician.

Also, a common reason for choosing comparative versions of Finasteride is cost. Name brands are generally more expensive compared to generic medications.

The use of Proscar, for example, is sometimes prescribed for hair loss purposes. However, this is considered to be an off label use of the drug.

Each Proscar tablet contains 5mg of Finasteride. Yet the recommended dosage for hair loss is 1mg. Therefore, taking Proscar for pattern baldness often involves the use of a pill cutter, which may not be effective in terms of preciseness. This is why many experts prefer the use of Finpecia.

How Is Finpecia Taken for Hair Loss

1mg of Finpecia is taken on a daily basis with water. This can be done with or without food. It is understandable that patients may occasionally forget to take their medication. If this occurs, the normal regimen should be resumed, as opposed to doubling up to make up for lost days. Usually a period of three months or longer is recommended by most physicians.

When not in use, the tablets should be stored in a cool dry place at temperatures below 30 degrees C.

What Are the Side Effects of Finpecia?

Like Propecia, Finpecia can result in sexual dysfunction. Male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) may also develop. Itchiness of the skin and rashes are other common side effects.

Who Should Avoid Taking Finpecia As A Hair Loss Medication

Finpecia is not recommended for women with female pattern baldness. It can result in birth defects. Also, anyone who is allergic to any of its ingredients should avoid the use of this drug.

Finpecia is an oral hair loss medication
oral medication for hair loss often works at the level of androgens and DHT*

Proscar versus Propecia or FinPecia for hair loss treatment

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