What is the typical eyebrow hair transplant results time frame?
Eyebrow hair transplant results time frame countdown begins about two to four days after surgery with the formation of crusts and scabs will form around each of the hairs. These usually fall away around the third to fifth day and you will have some pinkness remaining. During this time, you can resume your normal activities without worrying about having obvious looking signs of surgery. A simple eyeglass (even a plain and clear one) could detract from the surgical look in the immediate days of the surgery. If bruising or black eye occurs, this could become difficult to hide.

Further eyebrow hair transplant results time frame

Around the second week after your eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the hairs may start to shed. This is to make room for new hairs which are in the process of growing.  These will become apparent around the third month following your surgery. And you can then expect continued improvements after this point. You may want to purchase a pair of small brow trimming shears since these hairs will grow longer than real eyebrow hair.

Unlike scalp implants, eyebrow hair transplant results time frame are earlier in manifestation and can be fully expressed by the 4-6 month, cosmetically significant results is often manifested. This is however not always the case

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nape hair grafts cover eyebrow tattoos following surgery*


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