What are the eyebrow hair transplant after care tips I should know before my procedure?
Eyebrow hair transplant after surgery care instructions should be obtained and clarified ahead of the procedure. Before surgery, you physician would have instructed you on how to avoid excessive bruising and bleeding during surgery. You would have been advised on removing bleeding promoting medications and food in consultation with your other treating doctors. Soon after surgery, the slit wounds through which the new brow hairs were inserted, are still new and scabbed. And it will take some time for the skin to actually heal. Therefore, it will be important to treat this area very gently right after your eyebrow hair transplant.

Eyebrow hair transplant after surgery care tips

As part of your eyebrow hair transplant after surgery care, you will also need to keep this region clean and free from dirt and bacteria to prevent the risk of infections, irritations and inflammation. You can run a soft stream of water over your face by standing in the shower or just using a shower head. Use gentle pressure. This is recommended twice a day for a week following your surgery.

After each cleansing, apply an antibacterial ointment. This can be purchased over the counter.  The ointment will help soften and loosen the scabs while protecting the skin as it heals.

Wearing glasses even plan ones can distract the attention of onlookers in the first 5-7 days of recovery.

Starting from 3-4 months when the new hair starts to grow, training of hair by using styling gels to keep them flat on the skin should be adopted and made habitual.



eyebrow hair transplant after surgery care
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