Question: When to begin seeking hair loss help from a doctor?
Although you may have read that it is quite normal to lose around a hundred hairs a day, this is simply an estimate based on the likely number of hairs which are in resting phase on the head.  Some research has shown that men who do not have androgenic alopecia actually lose about 10 hairs per day. One may consider seeking hair loss help from a doctor the moment they notice an unusual increase in the amount of hair shedding. Another early indicator is slowing of growth in one area of the scalp relative to the rest.

Despite studies, you probably have a good sense of whether or not you are losing more hair than usual.  It is always a good idea to seek professional hair loss help as soon as you suspect you may be having hair loss, rather than later. Getting an early start will increase your chances of successfully reversing your condition.


Seeking Hair Loss Help From a Doctor

A doctor will be able to perform tests for thyroid imbalances or even nutritional deficiencies. And through an examination, you will know for sure if you are experiencing the effects of androgenic alopecia.

seeking hair loss help from a doctor should begin early
(image-Creative Commons) Signs of hair loss will often start to appear along the hair part in women

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