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Dr U Discusses Eyebrow Hair Transplant on Telemundo
Dr U Discusses Eyebrow Hair Transplant on Telemundo : Dr. Umar was recently interviewed by Telemundo to discuss his eyebrow hair transplant procedure.  The results of having fuller and more prominent looking brows are sought by both men and women.  However, some people have very limited quantities of hair in these regions for various reasons such as:

  • genetics
  • hormonal changes (i.e. women)
  • excessive hair removal such as waxing and plucking which can damage the follicles

The sparseness can sometimes cause the patients to look as though they don’t have any brows. And this can cause them to feel very self conscious.

Dr U Discusses Eyebrow Hair Transplant on Telemundo : How Dr. Umar Performs His Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Surgery to restore eyebrow hair has actually been available for many years. Conventional techniques rely on follicles from main areas of the scalp where hair tends to grow the thickest.  However these hairs can create a rather harsh effect when used in the brow regions.

Dr. Umar uses nape hair from the back of the neck to perform eyebrow hair transplants. These hairs resemble real eyebrow hair because they are much thinner.  His method of extracting these follicles is also more specialized to the growth patterns and the patient’s cosmetic needs.

Dr. Umar uses surgical tools that he designed himself, known as uGraft.  These devices can extract hair follicles from anywhere on the head and body. Regular hair transplant punches can be risky for hair follicles that grow at very sharp angles. Errors can arise from misplacing the circular edge, causing damage to these structures. Ugraft has a special mechanism to minimize this risk.  Also the punch units of these devices can be digitally crafted to form wounds of specific shapes. This minimizes the formation of extraneous tissue which would give rise to bumps and visible scarring.

With Dr. Umar’s method of performing an eyebrow transplant, patients experience two main benefits:

(1) natural looking brow hair

(2) lack of visible scarring which may show through the hair

Maintenance requires regular trimming, usually on a weekly basis.

Dr. Umar’s procedure for the brows was also featured on Good Morning America.  Click here to view this clip.


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