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The Gradual Process of Hair Loss and Baldness Fixed by FUE

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Hair loss is a gradual process that becomes more and more prominent overtime for many people. It is normal to experience hair loss everyday, and the typical number of hairs lost is about 100 per day. You do not usually notice this because losing 100 hairs per day is insignificant when compared to the 100,000 hairs that we have on our scalp. Each individual strand of hair grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month, and can live for almost 5 years until shedding and starting a new cycle. Usually during the 5th year, the hair will […]

First Documented Success Case of Body Hair to Leg Hair Transplantation

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This picture presents a special case of the first documented success case of using body hair to restore the hair of the legs. The patient had the hair on his shins lost due to friction. He went through a failed attempt of restoring his leg hairs with thigh hairs at another hair restoration clinic prior to seeing Dr. Umar in Los Angeles for the body hair transplantation. Dr. Umar performed a body hair transplantation surgery using 600 FUE-BHT grafts derived from the chest area and transplanted these donor hairs to the balding areas of the shins. From these pictures, the red […]

The Effects of Propecia and the FUE Hair Transplant

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Propecia (finasteride) is a medication that is used to help prevent male pattern baldness or hair loss (androgenic alopecia) that affects the vertex and the mid-scalp area of the head. Male pattern hair loss is a widespread condition that affects the head hair by causing the hair to thin and eventually leave a bald spot. Male pattern hair loss typically induces the problem of a receding hairline also which then leads to more balding to the top of the head. Without hair restoration methods like Propecia, hair loss is eminent as it is a progressive occurrence. Finasteride  works to prevent further hair loss by hindering the […]

The Experience and Testimonial of a BHT Hair Transplant Patient

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This patient had three hair transplant surgeries using the strip method at a (in the patient’s words) “well known clinic in Beverly Hills starting in 2000” prior to seeing Dr. Umar. At that time he was told that a single strip surgery would give him the results of full coverage of hair, and the scar would not even be detectable by a hairstylist. However, after the grafts from his initial surgery grew in, it was apparent that he would need more procedures in order to get decent density since the promise of strip surgery was false. His desire to also […]

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation- Scalpel Free, Linear Scar Free

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The most common type of hair graft used in hair transplantation today is known as a “follicular unit.” The follicular unit is the most popular graft used because of its natural appearance in recreating normal hair growth appearance in “follicular units.” Hairs on your scalp naturally grow groups of 1 to 3 hairs in a single unit, and these follicular units are intact when they get transplanted to a recipient area. Thus since this type of graft leaves hair in their natural state of 1 to 3 hairs, the transplant will look more natural and undetectable. The follicular unit hair […]

Repair by FUE – SFET Using Head, Nape and Beard Hair

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The patient shown in this photo had undergone strip surgeries at another clinic years prior to seeing Dr. Umar in Los Angeles. The outcomes of the strip surgeries created problems for the patient with the most severe ridging, a hairline packed densely with large plugs, and strip scars. The patient hid his disfiguring hairline by shaving the plugs and combing the hair of the frontal scalp forward. He was left with his original hair loss problem unsolved and ended up with the state of his baldness even worse than before he had his strip surgery transplant. Fortunately, he found Dr. […]

How Dr. Umar Uses Body Hair to Perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

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Dr. Umar, whom experienced a failed hair transplant when he was young himself, understood the need for a hair transplant procedure that was both minimally invasive and ideal for men and women with different types of circumstances.  Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE  is a hair transplant method that involves small punches, .8mm to 1 mm in width, to individually extract each follicular unit from the donor hair area and transplant them to balding hair loss areas of the head, including the scalp, hairline, and crown. FUE was developed as a response to avoid linear scarring in the donor area that typically is […]

Strip Surgery Repaired Using Body Hair Transplants

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his patient came to Dr. Umar after having 1,800 grafts transplanted at another clinic using the outdated strip harvesting method, which left his head bald, scarred, and without enough donor hair left on his head for use. To solve the problem, Dr. Umar used the Follicular Unit Extraction technique to transplant hairs from elsewhere on the patient’s body. In all, 10,000 hairs from his beard, chest and stomach were moved to the damage area, and only about 2,000 hairs moved from his head for the restoration. The patient knows there’s more to come, but already he’s very happy with the […]

Hair Loss: Why it happens to us and Why we lose our hair

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The reason for hair loss resides in the genetic predisposition of the hair follicle itself, rather than that of the scalp. Therefore, transplanted hairs will continue growing because the hair follicle keeps its original genetic coding, and thus these are the follicles that are not affected by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the hormone that causes male-patterned baldness. In addition, despite being moved into a formerly bald area, it still maintains its donor hair characteristics, which is to not fall out and keep regrowing hair. When DHT resistant hair from the back of the scalp is transplanted to the top, it […]

Follicular Unit Extraction: Natural Hair Restoration, Linear Scar Free FUE

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Follicular Unit Extraction is becoming a popular method for hair restoration. If you are experiencing hair loss, during your inquiries via the Internet or library, you have surely come across the term Follicular Unit Extraction or “FUE.” Thus, many people want to know what FUE truly is, and how it works. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Follicular unit extraction is a specific technique used in hair transplant surgeries because of the natural looking result and accelerated post-operation healing. Before the invention of FUE, hair transplant procedures required the doctor to remove a strip of flesh from the back and […]