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Hair Loss Studies dealing with Hair Loss in Men

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Several studies on hair loss have shown that the general time between initially noticing hair loss and seeking treatment is about six years. This is definitely more understandable because of the fact that hair loss is on average a gradual process. There is almost always that sad denial stage,and then the phase that patients hope that their hair loss will magically reverse itself and return to it’s natural site. Unfortunately, when looking at the history of hair loss within your family and the hair loss patterns of parents and close relatives, the inevitable is difficult to face. As with any […]

Hair Loss Studies

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  • FUE Hair Restoration Cost| Information For Patients

Many studies done on hair loss show that the general time between initially noticing losing hair and seeking treatment for hair restoration is about six years. This makes perfect sense considering that most hair loss happens gradually over time. An initial stage of sadness and denial is normal, followed by the hope that the hair will stop falling out and hair restoration will take place on its own. However, as hair loss is usually genetic, the victim can easily observe hair loss patterns within his family history and get ready to face the inevitable. What Are Some Treatments For Hair […]

Hair Transplantation for Life – Is It Possible?

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  • Hair Transplant Images| FUE Patients

Yes! Using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a minimally invasive procedure that does away with outdated approaches to hair transplant by providing a true solution instead of an illusion of restored hair. No scalpels, strip mining or stitches are used in this approach, which leaves the patient free of scars and on the path back to self-esteem. Through FUE, donor hair is moved in natural follicle groupings one at a time from the donor areas anywhere on the head, face or body to the restoration area, leaving a natural look with full coverage and no scarring. Transplanted hairs begin to take […]

Hair Loss – How Much Is Natural?

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  • Hair Loss in Women| Hair Transplant Procedures

We lose hair all the time through everyday, necessary activities such as washing, combing and brushing our hair. Most people have about 100,000 hair follicles, with different levels of density depending on your background. It is normal to lose hair at a rate of about 100 strands a day. If you notice anything more than that – such as large clumps showing up in your hair brush, or increasing patchiness on your scalp? Time to consult a professional. If a medical professional does confirm you are experiencing significant hair loss, the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure may be able to help […]

Black Women and Alopecia

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  • Hair Styling Caution for Black Women

Alopecia is a form of baldness that can affect all people, but some forms uniquely impact black women. Traction Alopecia is caused by continual pulling of the hair from tight braids, ponytails, and weaves. Over the years, bald spots can form along your hairline and above your ears, and your hairline will steadily recede. If not treated, scarring may result. If you find yourself struggling  to move your forehead or experience headaches while you sleep from tight braids, and scalp soreness, these may be signs that your hair is styled unsafely. Traumatic Alopecia is caused by improper use of products […]

Hair Transplant Fixed Using Body and Beard Hair Follicular Unit Extraction

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  • Patient Before His Beard Hair Transplant Surgery

This patient came to Dr. Umar in hopes of finding a solution to a failed hair transplant done at another clinic. Using hair from the man’s body and beard and using the Follicular Unit Extraction method of transplantation, Dr. Umar was able to provide a very satisfying result. Curious about options to fix a previous hair transplant? Contact Dr. Umar for a free online consultation today.

Integrity of a Hair Transplant Surgeon and the FUE Procedure

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  • Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon | Know What Questions to Ask

Should I Choose FUE? Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is an advanced method of hair transplantation. It has risen to the top amongst competing techniques—such as strip surgery—due in large part to satisfactory outcomes. More specifically, the reasons FUE trumps other types of hair transplantation are: FUE hair transplant leaves no linear scar The microsurgical nature of FUE means any scarring is cosmetically negligible FUE hair transplant produces softer, more natural-looking hairlines FUE allows for the choosing of specific donor follicles, such as finer hairs from the nape of the neck, when needed FUE hair transplant is minimally invasive, thus […]

Hair Loss Baldness FUE BHT Single Follicle Extraction & Transfer ( SFET ), “The Umar Procedure”

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For the treatment of baldness (hair loss) in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, New port Beach, Calabassas, Hollywood, South Bay, Manhattan Beach, San Francisco, Bay area, San Diego and many cities in California. Dr Umar uses a group of techniques to perform hair transplantion called Single Follicle Extraction and Transfer (SFET). This is his version of the hair restoration procedure commonly referred to as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). SFET enables Dr Umar to utilize donor hair outside the confines of widely available traditional methods. Thus hair from the beard and body areas are also used. This […]

Hairline Softened Using Leg Hair and Follicular Unit Extraction

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  • Patient's Hairline Before FUE Procedure Using Leg Hair Grafts

Watch the first well-documented case of a patient having his hairline softened with transplants of hair from his leg in this video. The patient turned to Dr. Umar after multiple failed transplant efforts were done at other clinics using outdated techniques. The result was an unnatural, harsh hairline. Using advanced FUE hair transplant, in 2006. Dr. Umar grafted 1,000 hairs from the man’s leg to his head to create a natural, subtle look. Need options for your severe hair loss issue? Contact Dr. Umar for a free online consultation today.

Is Propecia For Me?

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  • Hair Loss Drugs|Propecia|Finasteride

Propecia is another popular medication some men turn to in search of a solution to male pattern baldness, but as with all things, it’s important to know the full story. While Propecia can slow down hair loss, it cannot cure baldness and is not an effective approach if you are in search of a permanent solution. The best way to restore hair loss is through Follicular Unit Extraction, a minimally invasive method that brings your head back to life through precise transplantation of hair from a part of your body to the balding areas of your head. If you undergo […]