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Hair Restoration procedures for patients that wish to use follicular unit extractiononly leaves no visible scarring in the recipient area, usually found in traditional strip surgeries. Using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Single Follicle Extraction Transfer (SFET) derived specifically by Dr. Umar at Dermhair Clinic, any type of scarring is virtually invisible.  FUE, SFET is the future of hair transplantation. [...]

Strip Scar repair is becoming more and more common for patients that have experienced hair transplants years ago, before new and innovative methods like FUE Hair Transplantationwere available. Dr. Sanusi Umar of Dermhair Clinic, a pioneer of FUE and Body Hair transplantation, is a leader in the repair of strip scars. There is a growing demand [...]

Dermatologists and doctors have always used hair as an indirect way to assess your health. Hair and nail cells grow relatively fast compared to other types of cells in your body, and thus it is a good indicator of the state of your health. If an individual is losing an abnormal amount of hair, or [...]

For this patient’s hair restoration needs, Dr. Umar used Follicular Unit Extraction to relocate 3,500 grafts from the patient’s scalp and nape of his neck to the treatment area. This video shows the results 19 months after his successful surgery. The patient wanted a a hairline that was soft and natural, which can rarely be [...]

Dr. Umar performs hair transplantation using very tiny devices to prepare the recipient areas with slits or holes into which the donor hair units are implanted. These tiny holes are created in the most minimally traumatic manner that makes the healing course rapid after the hair transplant. Because of the microsurgical technique used by Dr. [...]

The patient presented in this video had undergone three traditional hair transplant surgeries using the strip method at another clinic over the years. According to the standards of a strip hair transplant, his results were considered good. However, the results were unnatural looking even though it provided the necessary coverage, and the patient continued to [...]

Over the years I have seen many, many patients struggle with coming to terms with having hair again. The emotional pain of those suffering from hair loss is seldom discussed by those of us who provide hair transplant services. But the strain of searching for a qualified medical doctor, researching procedures and options, and waiting [...]

Hair loss is a gradual process that becomes more and more prominent overtime for many people. It is normal to experience hair loss everyday, and the typical number of hairs lost is about 100 per day. You do not usually notice this because losing 100 hairs per day is insignificant when compared to the 100,000 [...]

Leg hair Restoration This picture presents a special case of the first documented success case of using body hair to restore the hair of the legs. The patient had the hair on his shins lost due to friction. He went through a failed attempt of restoring his leg hairs with thigh hairs at another hair [...]

Propecia (finasteride) is a medication that is used to help prevent male pattern baldness or hair loss (androgenic alopecia) that affects the vertex and the mid-scalp area of the head. Male pattern hair loss is a widespread condition that affects the head hair by causing the hair to thin and eventually leave a bald spot. Male pattern [...]