Hairpiece Problems Solved for Los Angeles Patients

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Hairpiece Problems Solved for Los Angeles Patients : Androgenic alopecia, or, more commonly, male pattern baldness, is a widespread hair loss condition. It affects more than 35 million men in the United States, too often starting as early as 20, or even 18 years old. And while it has nearly become an expectation for a man’s hairline to recede by a certain age, and for the crown to begin going thin, lesser known is the anxiety, lowered self-esteem, and even depression he may suffer. Worse yet, is a botched hair transplant surgery that leaves him scarred and disfigured.

Hairpiece Problems Solved for Los Angeles Patients
This patient was ready to toss out his toupee, post-Dr U UGraft FUE hair transplant.

A hairpiece may serve as a transitory reprieve, but will prove grossly inadequate as a long-term solution; and could perhaps even exacerbate certain situations. Any person dependent upon a hairpiece for a sense of cosmetic tranquility will be undoubtedly plagued by the following concerns and frustrations:

In-authenticity. Feeling unfeigned while wearing a toupee would prove difficult. Each time you look in the mirror, you would have to face the fact that what other people see is not entirely real.

Daily hassle. A routine that starts, day in and day out, with the confidence-dampening ritual of applying your hairpiece.

Honesty and intimacy. Whenever there is a new person in your life, finding the moment of truth will come into question, and will likely cause stress. Especially in a new romantic relationship, wherein you’ve found a compatible partner whose interest in you may be largely founded on what he or she sees: in part, the impression of a full head of hair. With inevitable closeness and intimacy comes a dreaded moment when the object of your affection caresses your hair. It is natural to worry about when to tell the truth and whether or not this person will still like you afterward.

Adverse weather conditions or strenuous activity. Avoiding rainy and/or windy days, partaking in sports, swimming, etc. will limit your life, as you plan in evasion of such things. Simple errands or social events that expose you to the risk of these elements may force you into seclusion, lest your hairpiece become embarrassingly displaced.

Paranoia. Constantly wondering who has detected your use of a toupee will cause anxiety, diminished confidence, and avoidance of social settings both personally and professionally.


A hairpiece is almost always detectable upon close examination. Many factors cause detection:

Lack of natural growth along the hairline. The sudden, aggressive emergence of a toupee gives a “pasted on” appearance.

In advanced hair loss, the lack of hair along the temple points would make for a very soft hairline. Thus, a hairpiece with the advanced hairline of an NW 1-2, but with the temple points fitted for an NW 5-6 would create an unnatural look and would lead the casual on-looker to detect an abnormality.

Should severely bald men wear a hairpiece?
A hairpiece worn on this level of baldness would be obvious, due to the lack of a hairline.

Color mismatch. The toupee color is not likely to blend flawlessly with your real hair.

Line of demarcation. Often times there is a line of separation between the hairpiece hair and the real hair that most people can see.

Wind, rain, and swimming may lift or displace the hairpiece.


Thanks to Dr. Umar and his uGraft method of advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE), the toupee is a thing of the past. Whether you suffer from severe hair loss or the devastating effect of a botched hair surgery, the future might just be brighter. Throw away the shackles of your toupee and experience the joy and freedom of a real, permanent, youthful head of hair!

No more hairpiece| Hair transplant patient after his BHT surgery|facial hair to head transplant
An FUE uGraft patient of Dr. Umar and former hairpiece wearer.*

Patient stops wearing hairpiece after his body hair transplant surgery
An FUE UGraft repair patient of Dr. Umar. He no longer needs the hairpiece to conceal his scars.*

Body hair transplant versus wearing a hairpiece
This FUE uGraft patient wore a hairpiece to cover up his poorly placed grafts from prior surgery. But now, he is free!*

Hairpiece combined with body hair transplant results| patient photos - before and after
This patient now wears his hairpiece with confidence due to Dr. Umar’s construction of a natural hairline. With the hairline blending into the toupee, his hair loss is undetectable.*

Severely bald patient chooses a body hair transplant surgery over wearing a hairpiece
Though turned away by other clinics as a poor candidate for hair transplant surgery, this patient did not give up. He refused to give in to wearing a toupee, and is now thankful for his own resilience. Dr. Umar used the uGraft FUE body hair transplant to restore this patient’s hair.*

Here is a follow up video of one of the patients above  who used to wear a hairpiece. He had his second FUE hair transplant performed by Dr. Umar. Click here to see the results.

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