Q. Can I use Vitamins for hair growth?
A. It is possible for hair loss to result from nutritional deficiencies. If you suspect this to be the case, it would be best to get checked by a physician who can administer certain tests and determine what is causing you to lose hair. One can then determine if it will be best to use vitamins for hair growth.

Most conditions are caused by genetics, certain medical issues (e.g. thyroid imbalances)or even side effects from prescription medications. Loss of hair can even result from overdosing on certain supplements.


Regrow hair with vitamins

Vitamins can enhance the performance of general physiological processes in the body that contribute to the production of new hair shafts.  Examples might include:  energy usage, metabolism and using amino acids to build new protein structures. However, they don’t directly affect hair production.

Optimal health should be viewed as a foundation which helps set the stage for proper growth results.  Therefore, the decision to enrich one’s diet should be made as a long term lifestyle decision, not as a quick fix. Well rounded food choices are ideal.  This would include dark leafy greens and rich sources of B vitamins as well as plenty of quality protein sources, since hair itself is made of protein.

If you decide to take supplements, make sure to do so under a doctor’s guidance.  


Vitamins for hair growth
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Vitamins & nutrition can help set the stage for hair health and growth. But they are not hair loss treatments in and of themselves

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