Successful Repair With Body Follicles
Beard hair to head transplant 7000 grafts Video
beard hair to head transplant 7000 grafts: After several hair restoration surgeries, this patient continued to be severely bald at the Norwood 6 level.  One of his procedures included a BHT (body hair transplant)procedure at another clinic. However, these grafts did not survive as the previous clinic did not have the UGraft technology nor the know how to make BHT work. The patient had also underwent multiple strip harvesting operations in the past. Hair from these follicles also failed to grow. Furthermore, the patient was also left with multiple linear scars.

Follicular structures are finite in number. Once they are removed, they do not regenerate. Therefore, the chance of successfully repairing a botched outcome becomes severely limited.

Successful Body Hair to Head Procedures As A Feasible Reality

In many individuals, there are vast quantities of hair follicles throughout various regions of the body. Hair follicles from body areas like the neck, face, abdomen, back shoulders, arms, legs, chest and abdomen, if they are thick and comparable to the type of hair which grows on the scalp, they can be used as excellent hair transplant grafts using UGraft technology.

With this approach, even patients like the gentleman shown here can benefit from restoration procedures, even if they are severely bald at Norwood 7.

However, body hair is very different from scalp hair in many ways. As an example, body hair tend to thrive on DHT whereas head hair will react by growing thinner or falling out. Also body hair tends to grow at extremely sharp angles relative to the skin surface. With basic cylindrical FUE punches, these follicles can be easily damaged.

Due to the unique challenges of extracting body hair, Dr. U invented a unique Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology called UGraft. To address the issue of acute growth angles, UGraft allows for a much greater latitude in positioning the punch.  It includes a gentle pulling component which assists in the safe removal of the follicles once the initial incision is made.

Another issue to consider with extracting body hair is that scarring is an  inevitable part of the skin’s healing process. FUE punch scars on the head seem fairly minimal since they are usually covered by hair. But they would be far more visible on open areas like the face, neck, chest arms etc. Another special feature of UGraft for BHT is its ability to create very specific wound shapes. This configuration causes excess wound tissue to retract beneath the skin’s surface. Any scars which develop are then made to be as cosmetically insignificant as possible.

Beard hair to head transplant 7000 grafts from the Chest, Scalp and Beard Region

For this particular case, Dr. Umar was able to compile a very ample donor supply. This consisted of:

(1) 4500 grafts of beard hair

(2) 1800 grafts of head hair

(3) 700 grafts of chest hair

It was only after the insertion of this set of follicles that the patient was able to finally achieve coverage for his severe baldness.

Dr. Umar created slits at specific angles, orientations and directions to precisely imitate the natural growth patterns on the patient’s head.

His grafts were able to survive and sprout new hair.

Also, covering the strip scars with these follicles significantly decreased their visibility.

Here are before and after photos showing the patient’s amazing transformation.

beard hair to head transplant 7000 grafts Crown Hair Restoration|
The use of body hair in this patient’s procedure enabled Dr. U to create excellent coverage for the crown as well as scars from previous surgeries.*
Beard Hair to head transplant 7000 grafts Frontal Scalp| Renewed Coverage With Body Hair Grafts
Patient’s frontal scalp now has a more normal looking coverage*
Beard Hair to head transplant 7000 grafts Hairline Results
Photo of patient showing new hairline and temples*
Beard Hair to head transplant 7000 grafts Side Profile View of Patient's Head| Hairline and Temple Restoration
Side view of patient’s results depict coverage as well as temple and hairline advancement.*

Patient’s Video- The Results of A Life Changing Body Hair to Head Procedure

The patient now has a new lease on life. He provided the images and short video segments of his post surgery results which were taken twelve months after his surgery.

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