Q. Why do you perform FUE Hair Transplant Preliminary Test preliminary test on some patients?
A. During follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) Some patients face a much higher risk of damage (transection) to their follicles during the extraction phase. An example would be individuals of African descent. The curliness of their hair is correlated with curved shaped follicles. These structures present more of a challenge to remove with punches. As a result, they are more likely to be severed by the circular edge.  Besides the shape alone, the hardness of the tissue attachments around the hair follicles also present another form of difficulty when it comes to extracting the grafts through FUE punches. In clinics equiped with conventional FUE tools, a  FUE Hair Transplant Preliminary Test is advised for these patients.



Dr U has invented specialized tools that enables extraction of even the tightest hair curls and would seldom require a test as all Afro textured hair are successfully extracted with this new method. This marks another step forward for follicular unit extraction as a procedure.


Other Reasons for FUE Hair Transplant Preliminary Test

A preliminary test provides an opportunity to ascertain the transection rate as well as the healing characteristics of the skin. Dr. Umar will extract between 20-50 follicles and insert them into an area chosen by the prospective patient.   Transection rates need to be below 10% in order to qualify for a hair transplant procedure at Dermhair Clinic.

Within about 6 months following the test, the patient can also see what their growth yield rate is like.  Based on the overall results, the individual can decide whether or not they would like to proceed with a full surgery.


Another reason to do a test would be in situations of scalp/skin diseases. If there is doubt on viability of the grafts due to a possible inflammatory disease state, it is prudent to do a test to check for survival and disease recrudescence before scheduling a full procedure.


Body Hair Transplant Testing – Basic Principles

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