Q. With so much information out there on hair loss and the different treatments available, how do I know what to believe?
A. The causes of hair loss are actually very complicated. And researchers are still trying to learn about all the different pathways which are involved. Therefore, some of the information available simply reflects pieces of the entire physiological picture which has yet to be unraveled. And some information is simply not true or exaggerated versions of the truth.


causes of hair loss

In educating yourself on hair loss, it would be important to start by being familiar with some simple scientific concepts as well as research developments. With this perspective, you will understand what paradigms make more sense than others. This is important since there are so many claims being made about what can actually reverse hair loss.

Although there are many promising claims being made, what really counts is seeing evidence of real results. This can be in the form of clinical studies or even simple before and after pictures taken of numerous individuals.

A focus on results will help give you the perspective you need to make the right choices. You will also need to know what to realistically expect as well.


Causes of hair loss. BMI-and-causes-for-severe-hair-loss-in-men-9
BMI and causes for severe hair loss in men need to be determined before hair restoration. Images of severely bald patient before his procedure followed by the results his first and second hair restoration surgeries. It entailed 12,000 uGrafts from the head and beard areas were applied in all.*
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