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Natural Hairline Reconstruction by UGraft Advanced FUE

Natural Hairline Reconstruction by UGraft Advanced FUE NW 3 with previous hair transplants and a poorly executed hairline transplant by the strip surgery method seeks UGraft FUE hair transplant repair from Dr Umar for a natural hairline reconstruction as well as to have his strip hair surgery linear scar camouflaged.

Natural Hairline Reconstruction by UGraft advanced FUE Method

The patient had a previous hair transplant surgery at another clinic which utilized the follicular unit strip surgery ( FUSS ) technique. This surgery left him with a linear scar he wanted Dr. Umar to camouflage as well as an unnatural looking hairline he wanted Dr. U to refine. With UGraft FUE hair transplant, Dr. Umar repaired his hairline to a natural looking state – 1500 head and nape hair grafts on the hairline and 300 beard derived grafts. For the natural hairline reconstruction repair work, Dr U utilized head and nape hair for a softer natural more symmetrical hairline that was customized to properly frame the patient’s face.


FUE Repairs Strip Surgery , natural hairline reconstruction
FUE Repairs Strip Surgery , natural hairline reconstruction*

Natural looking hairline can be made possible thanks to Dr. U’s innovative UGraft advanced FUE methods and tools which enable the successful, utilization of softer nape and even body hair to craft typically undetectable hairlines. Many of Dr U’s patients have commented that even their professional barbers who have known them over the years have found it difficult to tell that any work was done and that the hairline was not the one they were borne with.

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