What are usual eyelash transplant maintenance regimen ?
What are usual eyelash transplant maintenance regimen ? Eyelash transplant maintenance is important. The transplanted grafts will not transform to actual eyelashes with all the characteristics of eyelashes.  Rather the new hairs would grow on the eyelids but retain the characteristics they had from their original location. Thus if hair is taken from the middle of the back of the head where the hair is normally thick, straight and long, it would be long, straight and thick instead of the natural eyelash characteristics which is normally thin, upwardly curled and of limited length. It is for this reason that Dr U prefers to use hairs from the nape of the neck, arms or legs for eyelash transplantation, because hairs from these regions are closer in characteristic to natural eyelashes. This means the maintenance regimen would be minimal with Dr U’s UGraft eyebrow transplants

Usual eyelash transplant maintenance regimen

Length Control: Patients will need to purchase small brow scissors and regularly trim their lashes to the desired length after their eyelash transplant results fully develop. Traditional eyelash transplants require trimming every 2-3 days. UGraft eyebrow transplant using leg hair require trimming every 2-3 weeks

Upward Curl: It may be necessary to also use an eyelash curler to create an upward arch. This can be manual or heated, depending on preference.

Perming: It is sometimes necessary to perm the eyelash hairs so they can retain the upward curliness once it has been curled by aid of curlers. Dr U has observed that if softer body hair is used for eyelash transplant, patients need not perm the hairs once they get them curled.

Eyelash Transplant Results With Leg Hair Grafts- No Mascara
Patient shown before her eyelash transplant with leg hair follicles and after her surgery.*
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