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The 8th World Congress For Hair Research – May 2014
The 8th World Congress For Hair Research – May 2014 : The eighth annual World Congress for Hair Research which will be held May 14-17 in the JeJu Island in South Korea. At these meetings, scientists from around the world present their findings for various research topics which are initially submitted as abstracts prior to the event.

Attendees also collaborate and discuss possible new solutions for treating various hair loss conditions.

Hair Loss and research
Hair loss through androgenic alopecia may one day have an actual cure thanks to scientific research











The 8th World Congress For Hair Research – May 2014 : A Sampling of Hair Loss Research Topics To Be Discussed At the Eighth World Congress

The progress hair loss research is quite interesting without a doubt. Here are some topics that will be discussed during May’s convention

(1) Results of studies performed on animal models

  • What happens to hair growth when human placental extract is combined with minoxidil on genetically modified mice
  • Role of the CRIF 1 gene on hair growth
  • How gene expression in hair follicles stem cells (of mice) is affected by bimatoprost
  • The hair growth effects of various measures which manipulated tissue that surrounds the follicles

(2) Discussion of techniques used to assess and evaluate hair growth

(3) The effects of various stimulant variables on hair growth. Examples include:

  • Tafluprost, a prostaglandin analog
  • Ecklonia cava extract
  • Red ginseng extract

(4) Innovations in hair transplant procedures

(5) Stem cell research and tissue engineering

The theme of this year’s Congress is Wonder of Nature, Wonder of Hair. Scientific research in the area of hair loss is producing a prolific wealth of new Those who are interested in new possibilities of reversing baldness and thinning would surely benefit from following research developments in this area.  To learn more, click here 

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