Gray Hair Reversed Using UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction

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Dr. Umar is the first surgeon ever to have successfully reversed graying hair through the use of body hair and Follicular Unit Extraction.

Gray Hair Reversed Using UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction – Case Report

For this patient, Dr. Umar first transplanted 3,000 grafts of gray and dark body hair to the balding areas on the crown of the patient’s scalp. Over the next seven months, he noticed that the transplanted hair was turning darker. For the next step, Dr. Umar transplanted only gray hairs from the patient’s chest to his head, a total of 1,354 of them. At 20 months, he noticed that those hairs also started growing in darker. In all, a total of 6,000 hairs were moved from the patient’s thighs, chest and abdomen to his head, with a result that made the client very happy.

Gray Hair Reversed Using UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction
This underwent a body hair transplant surgery where darker hair was inserted into his scalp. Here are his before and after photos.*

Hair from elsewhere on the body – be it your beard, arms and legs, or torso – is an excellent source to use when in search of a wide range of options for transplant needs.  As you can see, it also comes with an extra bonus.

Gray Hair Reversed Using UGraft Follicular Unit Extraction – Implications on Donor vs Recipient Dominance Theory

This is one evidence of recipient site exerting a clear influence on the characteristics of grafted hair. In this case it is likely that the trauma of transplant affects a cascade of biologic factors (cytokines, growth factors, etc) which in turn influence the behaviors of the grafted hair follicle, in this case, pigmentation activity of the melanoblastic cells located in the hair bulb. Dr Umar has indicated in the past that some aspects of grafted hair behavior is affected by donor characteristics (Donor dominance) an example of this is dht sensitivity while other aspects can be influenced by the recipient (Recipient dominance or co-dorminance). In the case of dht sensitivity, Dr umar believes that it is not so much donor dominance, but that the transferred follicle carries with it the determining factors.

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