Vellus Body Hair to Scalp Transplantation

Vellus Hair and Body Hair Transplant Surgery

What value are fine vellus hair when grafted into the bald scalp? Would the finer hair thicken (Recipient dominant) to provide meaningful coverage?  Recipient co-dominance is becoming increasingly evident in the context of BHT  at least anecdotally… “Co-dominance” in the sense that not all characteristics will undergo modulation following a change in location. Even so, it is likely that the characteristics that do undergo modulation do so to a varying degrees. Of these characteristics, hair cycle  which affects hair length and density are most likely affected. Dr U has reported color transformation in a patient where grey hair became dark hair upon relocation. There is yet to emerge evidence that hair caliber is one of the characteristics to undergo modulation solely on the virtue of location change.

Vellus Body Hair to Scalp Transplantation

It remains to be seen what will become of vellus body hair that has been relocated to the scalp. Anecdotally however, it is not likely that vellus body hair would undergo favorable caliber transformation solely on the basis of relocation to the scalp without the introduction of a substantial iatrogenic influence. Another scenario that may influence such an experiment would be the factors responsible for the miniaturization of the body hair in the first place and to what extent these are reversed upon relocation.

Also, the term recipient “co-dominance” would be an apt one given that donor dominance in the context of DHT sensitivity continues to hold true.

UPdate: Dr Umar has observed these evidence of recipient co-dominance in the ensuing years since this article was written:

Vellus Body Hair to Scalp Transplantation
Vellus hairs are barely noticeable because they are short, fine and light colored. But they undergo the same life cycle phases as other hair. However, it is not completely clear how well they would survive as body hair grafts transplanted onto the scalp.

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