FUE For Hairline and Temples| Mature Hairline
FUE Mature hairline Creation. Patient Thrilled Results

The patient shown here chose Dr. U for his hair transplant surgery. His main priority was not only to restore the regions affected by pattern baldness but also to achieve the most natural looking results possible. As opposed to an aggressive hairline, he wanted to aim for a more conservative, age appropriate appearance. Therefore, he felt that Dr. U was the best choice for his hair restoration by FUE procedure. FUE Mature hairline creation was performed by Dr U using the UGraft.

The progression of hair loss will differ at various age groups, depending on the individual. This patient’s hairline and temple recession placed him at the Norwood 3-4 stage of male pattern baldness.

FUE Mature Hairline Creation using Head Hair Only

Using the Follicular Unit Extraction method, Dr. U used tiny punches to remove grafts from the head and nape. The patient had an ample number of donor hairs on his scalp to achieve the coverage that he wanted without the need to consider follicles from the body. Finer nape hairs helped to create a softer hairline edge. This is an important detail for achieving a truly natural quality.

With Follicular Unit Extraction, individuals, are not left with a linear scar to worry about hiding, unlike strip surgery. Because of this method, this patient’s barber couldn’t even tell that he had surgery done.

Hair Restoration by FUE Results At 10 Months

As a highly experienced hair restoration surgeon, Dr. U understands what factors to implement to produce reliable growth yields. Patients trust that they will experience the type of coverage they expected.

The images shown here not only illustrate excellent growth, but also an exceedingly natural looking appearance that suits the age and facial characteristics of this individual.

FUE Mature Hairline Restoration|Before & After Surgery
New hairline and temple placement is shown before and after surgery*
FUE For Mature Hairline & Temples|Patient's Results
Close up view of hairline and temples, comparing before and after images side by side.*
New FUE Mature Hairline & Temples| Profile View
Profile view of patients new hairline & temples*
FUE Donor Area| Back of Patient's Head
Donor area shown before and after patient’s FUE hair transplant operation.*

Patient’s Video Testimony

In his video the patient reports that many other people, in addition to his barber were surprised to learn that he had undergone a hair restoration surgery. Watch to hear more feedback from the patient.

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