FUE Hair Transplantation: 6100 Grafts Vastly Improves Previous Transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation: 6100 Grafts Vastly Improves Previous Transplant

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This patient had a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant performed using 3600 grafts at another clinic. However, his outcome was very disappointing. Growth was very minimal and sparse across the entire top of his head. And furthermore, his hairline was skewed to the side and noticeably asymmetrical. The temples were also disproportionate, being placed too far back. Visually, this exaggerated the forward projection of the hairline.

Due to Dr. U’s extensive and successful history of repairing many types of hair transplant mistakes, the patient chose his expertise. His goals could be summarized as the following:

  • improved symmetry in the hairline
  • increased fullness in the crown, top (mid-scalp) and front
  • no conspicuous scarring

Scoring More Follicles Through A Body Hair Transplant

After having 3600 grafts extracted during his first procedure, the patient no longer had enough follicles left on his scalp to achieve his vision.

However, new promise became available to him through the use of body hair.

Dr. U is a world leading pioneer who has developed UGraft technology that has been precisely designed to safely extract many types of hair found throughout the body. This has long been a challenge with general FUE hair transplant punches.

Body hair often grows at very sharp angles or curvatures. UGraft’s special features were engineered to accommodate these issues. Therefore, it serves as a reliable tool for harvesting large numbers of body hair grafts.

For this particular patient, Dr. U managed to extract a donor pool of 6100 grafts from the scalp, beard, nape and abdomen.  This overall procedure was performed in smaller sessions.

Repaired Hairline & Temples| Body Hair Grafts

Dr. U was able to fill in the sparse top area of the patient’s head and create a much more natural looking hairline and temple points.

Photos Before and After BHT Surgery

Due to the long travel distance from Dr. U’s clinic, the patient sent in photos of his results. These images are shown at nine months following his operation.

Body Hair Transplant|Temple Hair Restoration - Before & After

Patient now has more natural looking contouring around his face due to the new hairline and temples constructed by Dr. U



Before and After Profile View| Body Hair Transplant Results

Side view comparison of patient’s original state to his final results following the insertion of body and head hair.



Improved Density of Scalp|Body Hair Insertions

Areas of poor growth from the patient’s first FUE procedure were filled in using a combination of body and head hair which helped achieve fuller coverage.


Hairline and Temples| Advanced FUE Repair Results

Dr. U carefully inserted the patient’s grafts to construct a most natural looking hairline and temples to best frame his face.

The patient is very pleased with his results. In a written statement, he noted, “I’m grateful for all of the progress that has been made; I’m capable of pulling off many haircuts that I haven’t been able to since I was 16.”

 Patient’s Video

Learn more about the patient’s overall hair transplant experience by watching his video below.


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Dr. Sanusi Umar is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, prior to which he was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He also completed a fellowship training in cosmetic surgery under the direction of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. As a pioneer in hair transplant surgery, he is widely published and recognized in his field.

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