FUE and Psoriasis
Follicular unit extraction For Patients With Psoriasis
Follicular unit extraction For  Patients With Psoriasis : Having psoriasis can affect your eligibility for all surgeries including hair transplantation through FUE.  While it is still possible to undergo Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, there are certain risks that potential patients need to be aware of, according to Dr. U.

Follicular unit extraction For  Patients With Psoriasis

Psoriasis can cause a phenomenon known as koebnerization. This is when new psoriatic lesions can develop on the skin due to trauma. It is the same trauma that explains why psoriatic lesions affect typically the areas of the body eg the elbows and knees which are subject to day to day blunt trauma from low impact injuries from activities of daily living.

Surgical wounds, like those created during Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) can also cause koebnerization. There is a large chance that psoriatic lesions can develop in both the donor and recipient areas. However, this is not guaranteed to occur. Nonetheless, this risk should be discussed between patient and doctor. If new lesions develop following the FUE surgery, these would need to be treated right away to avoid larger issues from developing.This makes obvious the advantages of having your FUE performed by a dermatologist like Dr Umar who is comfortable treating psoriasis effectively.

Other triggers for koebnerization can include:

  • sunburns
  • allergic reactions due to medications
  • itching and scratching from dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis

Koebnerization can also occur with other skin conditions such as: vitiligo, lupus, and lichen planus

Follicular unit extraction For  Patients With Psoriasis: What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic and long term skin condition that is most likely related to a genetic predisposition.  Skin cells divide at a higher rate than normal. And this causes the build up of thick, red or silver patches of skin.

On average old skin cells shed every four weeks. And they are replaced by new ones. In patients with psoriasis, the newly formed cells will quickly move to the surface in a matter of days, not weeks. This is how lesions are formed.

Many experts believe that psoriasis is related to an overactive immune system which causes the skin to become inflamed. This can contribute to the rapid turnover of new cells.

Follicular unit extraction For  Patients With Psoriasis : What is FUE Surgery

In Follicular Unit Extraction, small 0.6-1.3mm punches are used to remove hair follicles directly from the back and sides of the head. Wounding also occurs from the creation of slits through which the grafts are inserted.  The healing process involves the creation of new skin cells. And in individuals with psoriasis, the process of division will occur at a faster rate than average. Therefore, it is rather likely that new psoriatic lesions will form around the wounds formed during an FUE hair transplant.

Management of Psoriasis After FUE Surgery

Due to the risk of developing new lesions, patients with psoriasis will need to be very diligent about following through with specific post-op guidelines and instructions.

Medications may include the use of creams and lotions recommended by the doctor.

Patients must also be aware of certain triggers which can initiate or worsen psoriasis flare ups. Here are a few examples:

  1. scratching/ itching of the skin
  2. stress and anxiety
  3. infections
  4. certain forms of medication
  5. excessive exposure to sunlight
  6. smoking
  7. alcohol
  8. Some Medications known to certified dermatologists like Dr Umar

Following the FUE hair transplant the scalp must be kept as clean as possible. For the first week or two, it is generally recommended that patients avoid regular shampooing and use tar based shampoos which are recommended for psoriatic patients. A course of topical steroids may be appropriate at the discretion of your hair transplant doctor who is hopefully a dermatologist capable of treating psoriasis as well.

Also it would be important to use a non-irritating sun block product on a daily basis while avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight. The use of a clean hat or beanie would help provide added protection.

Dr. U also recommends that additional instructions provided by the physician which are pertinent to the individual remain closely adhered to .

UGraft Follicular unit extraction For Patients With Psoriasis
FUE punches create small round wounds in the skin which may result in koebnerization in patients with psoriasis.**

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