Follicular Unit Extraction for Black Male Patient
F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedures For African American Patients
F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedures For African American Patients: Techniques in Follicular Unit Extraction can be specialized for specific groups like African Americans. There are physiological distinctions that pertain not only to the hair shaft, but also the hair follicle  itself and its relationship with surrounding tissue. To create the best results, the hair doctor must be able to work effectively within the construct of these characteristics during the actual procedure.

F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedures For African American Patients

Prior to performing basic F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedures For African American Patients, the doctor must determine the transection rates in potential candidates. This is done through a preliminary F.U.E. test procedure to help decide whether or not the patient can undergo Follicular Unit Extraction. Dr U has invented a tool that specifically perform FUE hair transplants in tightly curled Afro-textured hair. It is a component of the UGraft advanced FUE system

Curved follicles tend to be more difficult to extract and risk higher rates of transaction, where the hair bulb becomes damaged during the removal process. They also face lower chances of survival when they are reinserted.

Another challenge of F.U.E. transplant performed on African American individuals is that the hair follicles are tightly attached to the surrounding tissue. Extricating these follicles can be difficult because of this.

The hair doctor must make sure to leave most of the donor hair follicles in tact during the surgery.

Despite these concerns, Follicular Unit Extraction offers the best surgical solution for hair replacement in African Americans. Scarring and the development of keloids is a risk factor for this population. While this is certainly a concern in strip surgery due to the use of a scalpel, it is practically a negligible issue   in the context of F.U.E.

Dr. U’s Patent Pending FUE Punch For African Americans

Due to the challenges of extracting hair transplant donor grafts in patients of African descent, Dr. U has invented a highly specialized punch technology to safely extract donor grafts within members of this population.

The non-rotary design of this instrument includes precisely placed openings that accommodate the uniquely curved shape of follicles which produce Afro-textured hair.  This structure enables the successful and reliable extraction of grafts that otherwise face a very high chance of mechanical damage with standard, rotary, cylindrical F.U.E punch tools.

This instrumentation is currently the only type in the world which is specifically designed for F.U.E hair transplantation using donor grafts of kinky hair follicles.

The Advantage of Curly Donor Hair

One of the benefits of using curly hair in African American F.U.E. transplant is that it provides far greater coverage compared to other ethnicities. So a fewer number of grafts would be adequate for hair restoration.

F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedures For African American Patients
Before and after pictures of FUE transplant performed on African American patient*

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