Eyebrow Transplant Patient| Satisfied With Her Results
UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results Using 400 Grafts

UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results Using 400 Grafts : Full, but well groomed brows can really help accentuate the eyes.  However, not everyone is able to grow enough hair to create this effect. The female patient in this eyebrow hair transplant video originally had very  faint sparse brows.  And she no longer wanted to use cosmetic pencils or tattoos because of how artificial they can look.

Dr. Umar used nape hair grafts which are a close match for eyebrow hair. The extraction of these follicles is performed through an advanced form of Follicular Unit Extraction using a specialized FUE punch called uGraft. This is done to account for their unique growth angle of these hairs and to facilitate pristine healing results in the donor region, without any traces of scarring.

Alternatively, leg hair may also be used. Both nape and leg follicles will produce hair that is thinner than  those that grow on the head. And both are more similar in appearance to real eyebrow hair. This will give the results a more natural looking quality compared to head hair.

UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results Using 400 Grafts : A New Brow Shape and Color

Patients who want thicker, fuller brows don’t necessarily have be confined to their natural eyebrow shape.

Whereas some people use Brooke Shields as an example of the brows they would like to have, this patient was inspired by the look of Kim Kardashian’s brows.  Instead of replicating the exact shape, Dr. Umar created a modified version of this look.

Often times, hair on the back of the neck is darker in color compared to other regions. This is shown in the photos of this individual in her final results.

before and after eyebrow hair transplant using 400 grafts by UGraft
Overplucking and excessive hair removal caused this patient to lose brow hairs permanently. But surgery allowed to have a natural looking fullness*
Close Up View of eyebrow hair transplant Results| Improved Definition
Dr. U also modified the patient’s brow shape to create better definition and a more desired shape.*

UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results Using 400 Grafts: Results Shown on Video

eyebrow hair transplant using 400 grafts - Satisfied With Her Results
Patient is delighted with her renewed appearance due to her eyebrow transplant surgery.*

Watch the patient’s video to learn more about her experience and outcome.

Maintenance After An Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Nape follicles will retain their original genetic code. These hairs  will continue to grow to their original length after being inserted in the brow region.  Therefore, trimming is necessary. According to the patient in this video, she trims her brows once a week.

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