Patient Seeking Longer Eyelashes ThroughFUE Surgery
UGraft Eyelash transplant using leg hair before and after images and video

The patient in this video is the first in the world to receive undergo a successful Eyelash transplant using leg hair donor source only. Prior to her surgery she was unhappy with the short length of her lashes. Instead of relying on false lashes, extensions and medication, which can be inconvenient in terms of expense and time, she wanted a permanent solution. This is why she opted for an eyelash restoration procedure performed by Dr. Umar.

Eyelash transplant using leg hair

Since the patient had enough leg hair of the right thickness, Dr. Umar decided to choose these follicles to use as eyelash grafts.

Typically eyelash transplant procedures are performed with hair taken from the scalp. However, these shafts are much thicker than lash hair. And they will continue to growing.

Dr. Umar  used leg hair follicles as a better alternative in eyelash transplant, and has published his novel findings in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Not only do the shafts remain fairly short, but they also do not shed after the surgery to prepare for an upcoming growth cycle. The new hair is seen around 3-4 months after their procedure. But with leg hair, patients do not have to wait months before their permanent and desired results manifest.

Eyelash Restoration With Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction

Standard Follicular Unit Extraction instruments are not ideally suited for the removal of leg hair. Here are two basic reasons why:

(1) Leg and body follicles are often positioned beneath the skin at sharp, varied and often times unpredictable angles. The direction of the shaft is sometimes not a reliable visual cue for placing a straight punch around the follicle. Therefore, there is a considerable risk of damage from using regular FUE instruments.

(2) The surface of the leg is far more visible compared to the head. Therefore, even though general FUE punch scars are very small, they would be quite noticeable on the body which is not covered in hair.

Because of these challenges, Dr. Umar designed the uGraft system to include advanced features which overcome this issues. Follicles from the head or body can be harvested quite safely. And the healing results on the skin’s surface are far superior due to the inverted shape of the wound cavity which is created by uGraft punches.

For this patient Dr. Umar used 30 leg hair grafts for each eye. She is thrilled with her long new lashes .

UGraft Eyelash transplant using leg hair  – Before and After Photos

Eyelash Transplant Patient| Results After Surgery - Leg Hair Grafts
Patient with eyelash transplant showing natural looking and well defined eyes after her procedure due to her long lash hairs created with follicles from leg donor areas.*


Eyelash Transplant| Leg Hair Grafts
Patient’s eyelash transplant results with leg hair grafts, before and after surgery*
Side View of Eyelash Transplant Results
Side view showing eyelash transplant results with leg hair and the use of mascara*
Eyelash transplant using leg hair Results| Forward Front Facing View
Patient shows her new eyelashes, fully groomed with her favorite choice of mascara*






UGraft Eyelash transplant using leg hair  – Video – Patient’s Feedback on Her New Eyelashes

In this video, Dr. U discusses the eyelash transplantation with leg hair that was performed. The patient herself urges those who are thinking about eyelash transplantation to “just do it.” Watch her video to learn more about her experience.

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