Q. Is it true that caffeine can help hair grow back?
A. Is there a link between caffeine and hair restoration? The fact that caffeine is often used in the labeling of various hair loss treatment products is due to the results of a 2007 study which were published in the International Journal of Dermatology. The lead researcher on this study of caffeine and hair restoration was Dr. Tobias Fischer. He tested the effects of different concentration levels of caffeine. Hair follicles were removed and placed in lab containers in order for the caffeine to be administered. At some of the higher concentrations, hair actually did grow.  The key variable was the amount of caffeine.  This is why drinking copious amounts of coffee will not restore hair. Effective levels are roughly equivalent to about 60 cups within a day.

Caffeine and hair restoration

Also actual products where caffeine is administered topically would not be an effective way to replicate the conditions of Dr. Tobias’ experiment. There is no way to really control how deeply the solution would penetrate the skin or where it goes once it is applied.

When considering any type of treatment intervention, it is always important to look for convincing forms of evidence which depict actual results across many individuals. Another factor to consider is the stage of hair loss. More advanced stages can be expected to be more difficult to address through products since most of the follicles have already miniaturized.

caffeine and hair restoration
caffeine and hair restoration*

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