Patient Before and After 8000 Graft Body Hair to Head Repair Surgery
Results of 8,000 Graft BHT Hair Surgery For Scar, Crown, Top and Hairline
BHT Hair Surgery For Scar, Crown, Top and Hairline : With body hair transplant procedures, it is possible to harvest an abundant number of donor grafts to help create quality coverage. This can be quite beneficial for those who need to repair the results of prior surgeries.  After any type of hair transplant procedure, patients will have a fewer number of follicles left on their head. Therefore, resources are quite limited for future repair surgeries.

The patient in this video is one such example. He initially underwent “a strip procedure. But the results were futile as many of his grafts did not grow. His crown remained sparse. His hairline looked quite receded. And the entire top of his head had extremely low density. On top of it all, a large scar remained on the back of his head.

BHT Hair Surgery For Scar, Crown, Top and Hairline – 8000 UGraft Patient Photos

However, the use of body hair offered a viable solution for procuring an 8000 graft donor supply.  This enabled him to achieve coverage for the areas of hair loss as well as his strip scars.

BHT Hair Surgery For Scar, Crown, Top and Hairline - 8000 UGraft Patient Photos
The sparse coverage on top of the patient’s head was remedied through the use of body hair grafts.*
Hairline Recession| Before and After Hair Transplant Procedure
Patient shown with receded hairline and temples before his repair. Following his surgery, he was able to achieve a much fuller look due to his expanded donor supply.*
Side of Head and Vertex| New Coverage With BHT Surgery - 8000 Grafts
Patient is able to wear his hair much shorter without the fear of exposing his scar. Also he is no longer concerned about having the look of a balding crown.*
Crown Hair Loss and Thinning| Restoration of Coverage
Dr. U not only extracted a vast number of donor grafts but also inserted them to recreate very natural looking hair growth patterns, like the crown whorl on the back of the head.*
Repair of Deep Strip Scars| BHT - 8000 Grafts
Grafts from the augmented donor supply were inserted into the strip scars to make them far less noticeable, giving the patient more freedom to style his hair however he chooses.*
Hairline and Temple Facial Framing| Before and After BHT Repair Surgery
With a new hairline and temples, the patient is able to enjoy a much more youthful looking appearance.*

BHT Hair Surgery For Scar, Crown, Top and Hairline – 8000 UGraft Patient Video

The final coverage seen in this video was achieved with 8,000 grafts. Dr. Umar harvested follicles from the patient’s beard area, nape as well as some head hair from the head.

Extracting body hair is not the same as removing follicles from the head in a typical Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery. One of the main challenges has been the sharp and varying growth angles of non-head hair.  This makes it difficult to remove with regular punches where the circular edge is expected to completely surround each follicle.

Dr. Umar’s uGraft technology is designed with an additional pulling mechanism to supplement the safe removal of the hair organs. There is less reliance on the accurate placement of the punch. A main benefit of a BHT procedure with uGraft is that a much greater number of follicles can be safely removed without damage.

Also the cross sectional donor wound shapes are strategically configured to allow extraneous tissue (around the edges of the incision) to retract under the surface of the skin. While scars are inevitable in hair transplants,  uGraft helps them become as cosmetically insignificant as possible.

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