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Natural Hairline with No Linear Scarring

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  • Norwood 2 Hair Loss | FUE Hairline Restoration Results

The patient presented in this video had level 3 hair loss including hairline recession. He came to Dr. Umar in Los Angeles looking for a conservative hair restoration, a natural looking soft hairline, and no linear scarring. Dr. Umar used 1450 grafts derived from the patient’s nape and head to achieve these goals. After 8 months, it can be seen from the video that the hairline is already very soft and natural. The patient states that no one can detect that he has had a hair transplant, and he would have to tell others on order for them to know. […]

FUE Hair Transplant With Beard Hair Grafts

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  • Hair Transplant Education| Hair Loss Questions and Answers

Harvesting hair from the head donor area and harvesting from the beard have differences that should be considered, specifically the quality and texture of the hair. Beard hair FUE is a scalpel free procedure and leaves minimal scarring, unlike traditional hair transplant procedures. Patients who wish to use beard hair must consult a board certified physician such as Dr. Umar from Finetouch Dermatology to assess their hair texture and declare them a viable candidate.  FUE performed with beard hair is also different from the process of extracting hair from the scalp. Candidates who qualify for a beard hair transplant can […]

The Vicious Cycle of Post Strip Surgery Corrected by FUE – SFET

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  • Strip Scar Repair| More Donor Hair Grafts| Body Hair Transplant

Traditional hair transplants tend to create an illusion of coverage. An illusion of coverage can only be achieved if the hair is kept long, and therefore full hair restoration has yet to be achieved. Cutting the hair on the sides and back reduces the contrast in density between the back-sides and the thinning top. With shorter haircuts, the need for more grafts on the top of the head is minimized. In contrast, keeping a long and dense hair on the side and back maximizes the appearance of baldness on the top and the patient is thus forced to require even […]

Leg Hair Restoration – First Documented Success

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Here you can see the results of the first documented successful case of using transplanted body hair to restore the hair of this patient’s legs. The patient had lost hair on his shins due to a previous trauma, had had undergone failed restoration attempts at another clinic before turning to Dr. Umar for help. Using Follicular Unit Extraction, Dr. Umar transplanted 600 grafts from the patient’s chest to the balding areas of his shins. The patient was pleased to have his balding areas finally hidden, and relieved that his new look meant he no longer had to worry about people […]

Los Angeles Hair Restoration: Follicular Unit Extraction- Solution for Shortage of Donor Hair Supply

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  • Best Hair Transplant in the World|Patient Education

      This video shows the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation procedure performed by Dr. Umar, a leading body hair transplant and FUE surgeon in his Redondo Beach hair clinic in Los Angeles, CA. Sometime patients cannot afford large numbers of grafts or repeated hair transplantation surgeries in order to restore their hair loss or to repair a hair transplant that had poor results. It may also be that the patient lacked an abundant amount of donor hair supply due to its depletion from previous hair surgeries. However, a low number of follicles can still be used to […]

Global Hair Coverage with Body Hair Transplantation

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Dr. Umar is a top hair restoration surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in Body Hair Transplantation (BHT). BHT has allowed many hair loss victims to gain a new sense of hope for hair restoration. With this innovative procedure, even the most severely bald individual can have his hair restored globally without sacrificing the crown or settling for an aged higher hairline. Dr. Umar’s procedure is very effective and is a possible option for some severely bald individuals or those that are donor depleted. One patient came to Dr. Umar after losing hope in trying to repair his 3 strip […]

Beard Hair FUE-BHT Procedure

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  • Hair Restoration Graft Count

Harvesting hair from the head donor area and harvesting from the beard have differences that should be taken into account, such as the level of scarring, the ease of extraction of the hairs, and the hair quality. Beard hair FUE is a scalpel free procedure and does not leave a linear scar, but it will leave small white round scars in the donor areas from where the hair is harvested. These marks are usually hidden in the donor area and are not visible, even if the hair is cut very short. However, these small marks of hair transplantation will be […]

New Methods of Head Hair Only Hair Restoration

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  • FUE Surgery | Head Hair Only

Traditional head hair transplant methods involve the removal of strips of flesh from the back and sides of the head, which unfortunately results in linear scars that wrap around the back of the head from ear to ear. Even a strip-surgery performed to perfection will leave a linear scar and patients may suffer from numbness, pain and problems of forever trying to hide the scar and being conscious of it. Additionally, strip surgery will destroy the natural geometry of the donor region by obliterating the natural linear arrangement of follicular groups along the consecutive spirals. Fortunately, a new procedure known […]

Los Angeles Hair Restoration: Female Hair Loss Patterns

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  • Genetic Pattern Baldness in Women

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