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Crown Restoration With 1500 Follicular Unit Grafts

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  • 1500 FUE Grafts Restores Crown Hair

This patient’s crown hair and hairline was restored with 1,500 grafts transplanted from one part of his head to another through the minimally invasive approach of Follicular Unit Extraction. Among benefits enjoyed after Fixing Hair Loss with FUE Hair Transplant Method, he can now cut his hair as short as he likes because there is little scarring, and he can swim and brave windy conditions without having to worry about exposing a bald crown. These pictures show you the before and one year after the surgery. Curious about ways to restore your bald crown? Contact Dr. Umar for a free […]

Asian Hair Loss: Transplant Success Using Follicular Unit Extraction

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  • FUE Transplant on Asian Patient

Though the technical procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration is the same for all, there are some differences between ethnicities only an expert knows to take note of. Generally, Asian people have thicker hair follicles, which can result in the transplanted hairline ending up with a harsh, artificial look. But by using softer hair from the nape of the neck, Dr. Umar is able to consistently create an astonishingly natural look for Asian hair loss. For this patient, 3,000 grafts were transplanted to create the new hairline. It was such a success that the patient has had a hard […]

Severe Baldness and Bad Hair Transplant Repaired by Follicular Unit Extraction and Body Hair Transplant

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  • BHT Hair Transplant Repair For Strip Surgery Patient

This patient’s hair loss became catastrophic after a failed transplant procedure at another clinic that used the outdated “strip harvesting” technique. He was left with a huge scar, pluggy implants and an unnaturally straight hairline. He came to us hoping to have his strip scar hidden, his empty crown filled and his hairline made to resemble that of a celebrity. Dr. Umar used body hair transplant to relocate hair from his beard, leg and nape of neck during the restoration effort. As you can see, the patient was quite pleased with the result of his hair restoration. Have more questions […]

An Interview with Dr. Sanusi Umar

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  • Office of Dr. U| Featured Articles Index

Dr. Sanusi Umar, board certified Dermatologist at DermHair Clinic in Los Angeles, was recently interviewed by In the interview he described the wide range of services offered at the clinic, including the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. Dr. Umar also explained how body hair transplant are done, how to determine if someone is a good candidate for that procedure, and answered questions about how long the procedures typically take as well as pain management issues. It’s a good interview! Take a look. Curious about your options to fight baldness? Contact Dr. Umar for a free online consultation today.

Is Propecia For Me?

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  • Hair Loss Drugs|Propecia|Finasteride

Propecia is another popular medication some men turn to in search of a solution to male pattern baldness, but as with all things, it’s important to know the full story. While Propecia can slow down hair loss, it cannot cure baldness and is not an effective approach if you are in search of a permanent solution. The best way to restore hair loss is through Follicular Unit Extraction, a minimally invasive method that brings your head back to life through precise transplantation of hair from a part of your body to the balding areas of your head. If you undergo […]

Be Proactive About Your Follicle Unit Extraction

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  • Beard & Head Hair grafts| Patient Before & After Surgery

Be Proactive About Your Follicle Unit Extraction As the benefits for Follicle Unit Extraction is increasing, more and more people are beginning to resort to the Body Hair Transplantation to cure their hair loss. As patients research, they find that Body Hair Transplantation is linear scar-free and scalpel-free. Apart from graft placement, no technicians should be performing the fue hair transplant except for the dermatologist; there are not stitches after the hair restoration; and there is no use of mass production graft-damaging machines. In addition, your body and head hairs are used to treat the needed hair loss area and […]

Los Angeles Hair Restoration: Slow Down Hair Loss with Vitamins and a Healthy Lifestyle

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  • hair loss nutrition

At any given time 10-15% of the hair in our head is in what is called a “resting phase” and after 2-3 months resting, hair falls out and new hair grows in its place. Some people, however, experience more hair loss than is normal. Many people with thinning hair wonder if taking vitamins will stop or slow down hair loss. Poor diets, combined with too much stress, can certainly affect how well your hair grows. Hair loss can occur when the diet is inadequate in the B vitamins – especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid; and the minerals magnesium, […]

Causes and Types of Hair Loss and Ways to Treat It

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  • Facts About Hair Loss|Genetic Pattern Baldness| Androgenic Alopecia

Most men experience hair loss as they age and actually many women also experience hair thinning. So why does this happen and is there anything we can do about it? Baldness is a typical phenomenon that accompanies growing older. In addition, stress is one of the top reasons that affect hair growth in both men and women. Pollution, modified and processed foods also affect how the body functions and causes hair loss. It is recommended to eat healthy, nutritious organic foods. Hormone changes in men and women are the most inevitable factor that affects both genders. The primary cause of […]

Hair Transplant Recovery – What Does It Involve?

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  • Hair Transplant Images| FUE Patients

There is an optimum balance found between these two key factors in order to create an ideal technique for the hair restoration. The ideal situation would be that the technique produces grafts with the least amount of extraneous tissue (i.e.: less epidermal, dermal and subcutaneous elements considered unnecessary for graft survival).

Hair Transplant Corrections, Using A Body Hair Transplantation

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  • Beard Hair Grafts Produce Excellent Repair Results

Are you someone who is suffering from hair loss due to an unsuccessful hair transplant? Traditional hair transplants, using older and out-dated methods, can leave many patients with unfortunate and unpleasant results. For that reason, a body hair transplantation, using the most advanced follicular unit extraction techniques, has provided the perfect solution for correcting the mistakes of previous hair transplants. For example, a more traditional hair transplant tends to create an illusion of coverage. An illusion of coverage can only be achieved if the hair is actually kept long; therefore, hair restoration has yet to be achieved. Cutting the hair […]