Best FUE Hair Transplant Doctor in the World

You’ve decided to undergo surgical hair restoration using follicular unit extraction. And you not only desire the best FUE surgeon in your city, or even the leading FUE surgeon in your state; what you want is the best in the world. Committing to such a huge emotional and financial investment in yourself should earn the very best. And following several years of facing the interpersonal, social, and professional ramifications of androgenic alopecia, you need the promise of advanced work. It is not unusual for people to travel far distances to receive the treatment from the best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world.

Best FUE Hair Transplant Doctor in the World | BHT Surgery

Extreme baldness necessitates the best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world.


Today, hair loss is taking its toll on more than 40 million U.S. men and more than 21 million U.S. women. The leading cause of all, pattern baldness (androgenic alopcecia) happens when the sufferer has an ancestry of weak androgen receptors that has been passed to him/her through the X chromosomes of one or both parents. When dihydrotestosterone forms in the scalp, the weak androgen receptors submit certain hair follicles to devastating miniaturization. In women it appears as a diffuse thinning, whereas in men it appears as a distinct thinning at the hairline and crown.

Additional hair loss causes are traction alopecia, alopecia areata, lupus, trichotillomania, diabetes, tyroid dysfunction, pregnancy, anemia, and malnutrition, among others.


Being able to have the best is not an exaggeration. Looking for a hair restoration surgeon involves keeping certain key issues in mind, but beyond everything you must find a surgeon who suits your particular needs. Everybody is different, even down to his or her hair. Therefore, each hair restoration patient possesses a specific hair density, texture, crown whorl, hairline growth, temple point design, and so on.

Best FUE Hair Transplant Doctor in the World | impossible hair repair

A natural hairline is difficult to re-create.

Receiving treatment from the best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world means finding the one who’s dealt with several cases just like yours, and provided them with incomparable results. Although, before reaching that point, there is a process of weeding out. Surgeons need to meet these criteria:

  • Excellent degree of skill and artistic ability
  • Adequate training
  • Plentiful experience
  • Use of tools
  • An expert medical staff

Skill and Artistic Ability

The best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world will boast the medical capacity to remove grafts with nominal rates of transection and graft burial; and will additionally boast the artistic ability to devise a hairline and crown whorl that look natural. Furthermore, each recipient slit is made to give hair placement accurate spacing, angulation, and direction.


To earn the title of best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world, a practitioner clearly must have a medical degree. A certification in plastic surgery or dermatology is preferable. In addition, continued training is imperative. Research, developments in hair restoration, and published articles show that a doctor is always fine-tuning his/her skill.

best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world |board certification

Look for a board certification in dermatology.


Practice makes perfect. Being the best requires the practitioner to have plentiful experience performing the technique, a long list of satisfactory outcomes, and several peers and past patients willing to affirm his/her value.

best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world |ethnic considerations

Asian hair texture is distinct and makes for great practice.


The best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world only uses handheld tools in order to ensure the survival of each and every graft. Although robotic devices like NeoGraft and ARTAS are intended to speed up the process, there is no substitution for an entirely human-run procedure with regard to art and precision.

best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world |should robotics be used

A robotic surgery can’t compare to a human one.

Medical Staff

The doctor’s medical staff will be assisting in the OR during your surgery. A medical technician even has the authority to place the harvested follicular units into the recipient slits (under the guidance of the doctor). The best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world will have an extraordinary medical team.


Hair transplant clinics may brag and make pretty promises, but will they deliver? A picture is worth a thousand words. Videos and photos of past patient results will be the proof you need to find out if this clinic is worth your time. If they refuse to provide proof or claim not to have any, move along to the next on your list.

Also, remember to scrutinize the authenticity of the images presented. They should always be in focus, taken in a well-lit room or area, and display various angels of the patient’s head. Beware of images that appear tampered with or re-touched in Photoshop.

best FUE hair transplant doctor in the world| surgery for severe baldness

Dr. U is considered one of the best FUE hair transplant surgeons in the world because he is able to transform severe baldness.


How much does FUE hair transplant cost?

The cost of FUE varies from clinic to clinic. Generally the cost is anywhere between $5 and $12 per graft. There are about 1-4 hairs in each graft.

Am I a good candidate for surgery?

If you have no anesthesia allergies, no problems with blood clotting, and do not tend to scar easily, this is a good start. To be a candidate, you must typically be over 24 years old and have ample donor supply.