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The Significance of Punch Configuration in FUE
The Significance of Punch Configuration in FUE : Follicular unit extraction aka FUE has gained an increased level of interest and awareness in recent years. Most people generally know that FUE hair transplant method uses tiny punch instruments to remove natural clusters of 1-4 hair follicles. However, this process is not always as seamless as one might imagine. Due to the design of standard punches, there is the risk of damaging the grafts. Hair follicles are finite in quantity. And if they are severed, resources needed for coverage are wasted to a greater or lesser degree. Furthermore, this will limit the number of donor follicles that may be needed for future surgeries. Many patients assume that what influences graft damage is all about the punch sizes. Dr U differs. This view is carried to its full extent in his patented signature UPunch series for advanced FUE. He has published and demonstrated that the Punch Configuration in FUE is a key factor as well. Not only would this influence the integrity of the graft, it has a potential impact on the wound and how well it heals as well.

Punch Configuration in FUE

Dr. Umar has taken fue hair restoration procedures to a whole new level by improving upon the design of traditional punch instruments. He developed a comprehensive system of technology and surgical methods called uGraft. Through innovative and targeted engineering, these punch instruments are able to surpass the performance of regular  Punch Configuration in FUE by minimizing the risk of damage to the grafts.

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The Angled Cutting Axis of uGraft Punches

Standard punches are cylindrical in shape. Their cutting axis is straight. Yet, the goal is to completely surround the hair follicle within the narrow confines of this circumference

However, the cutting axis of uGraft is angled away from the follicle to help minimize the risk of severing the structure.

The Significance of Punch Configuration in FUE
UGraft creates a cutting axis that is angled away from the hair follicle wheres standard FUE punches create a straight cutting axis.

A basic FUE hair transplant punch will need to extend down to the base of the follicle in order to completely separate it from its tissue attachments.  With this approach, inaccurate positioning of the tool can damage the graft.

UGraft is equipped with a patent pending mechanism which gently pulls the follicle. The punch does not need to extend quite as deep below the skin’s surface. After the initial incision is made, the gentle pulling feature lifts the follicle in order to remove it from its environment.

Advanced FUE uGraft mechanism
uGraft safely pulls the hair follicle from its surroundings

uGraft Versus Older FUE HairTransplantation Punches For Removing Angled Body Grafts

In nature, variance is inevitable.  Therefore, not all hair follicles will grow in a straight trajectory. Body hair, for example, emerges at angles. The design and features of uGraft make it possible to reliably extract large quantities of these graft structures to ensure their survival.

Surgeons are only able to use external visual cues to determine how to position the punch. The conventional straight punch is likely to severe hairs which grow at an angle.

But since uGraft does not require as deep of an incision, it is able to succeed at removing these follicles. Here is an illustration.

Advanced FUE punches uGraft comparison
With other FUE punches, there is a significant chance of damaging certain types of follicles. This risk is much less with UGraft

And whereas tweezers are then needed to retrieve the follicle from regular FUE  punches, uGraft uses fluid to gently and safely expel the hair follicle using foot pedal controls.

To watch the animated video which illustrates how uGraft works for  hair transplantation through body hair transplant by advanced FUE  click here.

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