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We lose hair all the time through everyday, necessary activities such as washing, combing and brushing our hair. Most people have about 100,000 hair follicles, with different levels of density depending on your background. It is normal to lose hair at a rate of about 100 strands a day. If you notice anything more than […]

Alopecia is a form of baldness that can affect all people, but some forms uniquely impact black women. Traction Alopecia is caused by continual pulling of the hair from tight braids, ponytails, and weaves. Over the years, bald spots can form along your hairline and above your ears, and your hairline will steadily recede. If […]

This patient’s severe baldness was exacerbated by bad transplants and several failed restoration surgeries done elsewhere. The aftermath: Several large widened strip scars that wrapped around his head. Scars in the crown and front from an attempt to suture a wig permanently to his head. Poorly angled large plugs consisting of five- to six-hairs. Severe […]

This patient’s crown hair and hairline was restored with 1,500 grafts transplanted from one part of his head to another through the minimally invasive approach of Follicular Unit Extraction. Among benefits enjoyed, he can now cut his hair as short as he likes because there is little scarring, and he can swim and brave windy […]

Though the technical procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration is the same for all, there are some differences between ethnicities only an expert knows to take note of. Generally, Asian people have thicker hair follicles, which can result in the transplanted hairline ending up with a harsh, artificial look. But by using softer hair […]

The patient in this video did not have enough donor hair on his head to meet the needs of repairing his severe hair loss and balding crown. Dr. Umar used a combination of hair from the patient’s head, body and beard (called body hair transplant) to transfer over 15,000 grafts to the damaged area. Nine […]

This patient’s hair loss became catastrophic after a failed transplant procedure at another clinic that used the outdated “strip harvesting” technique. He was left with a huge scar, pluggy implants and an unnaturally straight hairline. He came to us hoping to have his strip scar hidden, his empty crown filled and his hairline made to […]

This patient wanted his hairline, temples, front scalp and crown restored, but in a way that retained as much donor hair as possible as a hedge against potential future hair loss. He came to Dr. Umar specifically in search of a Follicular Unit Extraction using head and nape hair, which is the perfect approach for […]

Dr. Sanusi Umar, board certified Dermatologist at DermHair Clinic in Los Angeles, was recently interviewed by In the interview he described the wide range of services offered at the clinic, including the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. Dr. Umar also explained how body hair transplant are done, how to determine if someone is a good […]

This patient turned to Dr. Umar in desperation, after multiple failed hair transplant surgeries done elsewhere left him with extensive scarring, plugging and even more severe baldness. He had turned to using a toupee, but hated how obvious it was. He wanted a natural hairline to disguise part of the hairpiece, and he wanted his […]