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If you’re planning to undergo hair transplant, the first place to start is to research the various techniques currently practiced. This can seem like an overwhelming sea of acronyms, with mixed reviews and feedback about each one mounting the confusion you already feel. Start by breaking down the building blocks of each technique to find […]

FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is an ever-growing hair transplant method. It is not only gaining popularity, but also seems to be constantly developing in technology to improve surgical hair restoration capabilities overall. By nature, its individual follicle extraction was an improvement from other methods in invasiveness, recovery time, scarring, and hairline design. Of course, […]

Techniques in Follicular Unit Extraction can be specialized for specific groups like African Americans. There are physiological distinctions that pertain not only to the hair shaft, but also the hair follicle  itself and its relationship with surrounding tissue. To create the best results, the hair doctor must be able to work effectively within the construct […]

While hair loss happens across different ethnic groups, transplant procedures need to be very specialized to accommodate specific characteristics such as the nature of surrounding tissue, hair follicles, hair shafts and growth patterns. The two ethnicities that require this level of discernment includes Asians and individuals of African descent. Surgical Hair Loss Interventions for Ethnic […]

The best way to achieve hair replacement is undoubtedly through surgery. While this is a more costly option, the results are permanent. And depending on the skill and technique used, the outcome more or less approximates a natural state of having a full head of hair. Surgical techniques for hair transplantation  can be grouped as […]

For the past several years, the trusted donor source for hair transplant has been confined to a linear strip at the mid-rear scalp. This donor area falls within the safe donor area (SDA), also known as the “safe zone.” When follicular unit extraction (FUE) came along, things started to change. Surgeons could use this advanced […]

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a method of hair transplantation that was first invented in the 1980’s and blossomed into global use in the 1990’s. With this sophisticated technique, surgeons harvest hair by grafting follicular units one by one from the donor pool. This means: A minimally invasive surgery Donor hair is not confined to […]

The Origin Of Follicular Unit Extraction In the early 1900s hair loss became a prominent enough problem for someone to develop a technology to combat the condition. The dawn of hair restoration developed in Japan during this time, and has continued to evolve ever since. We have seen scalp reduction, flap surgery, and in the […]

As part of their article exploring hair transplant technologies, American Health & Beauty conducted a short video interview with Dr. Umar discussing the basics of hair restoration through Follicular Unit Extraction. Enjoy!

Eyebrow restoration used to be limited to helping burn victims, but time and advances in technology has seen it evolve into a cosmetic option popular with both men and women looking to reshape and rejuvenate their eyebrows. Your eyebrow hairs grow from the follicle at a sharp angle, so unlike the hairs on your head, […]