The Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial by Anonymous

Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial : “I recently [ 2007] had a mega session with Dr Umar. I’ve been a hair restoration surgery victim of bad scalp reductions and strip surgery in the early 90’s. I was pretty much butchered, but at the time in my early twenties I wanted to beat the inevitable. Unfortunately, the scalp reductions left me with a giant scar down the back of my head, strip scars, and depletion of my donor hair in the back. I’ve had what is called a Z-plasty to fix the direction of the hair in the back and breakup the wide scar. This involved placing two balloon like devices under the scalp that have a port to inject a fluid into it that slowly expands the scalp so that it can stretched to manipulate it and cut out the bald areas. This is done over 6-8 weeks getting injections twice a week. This method has also been used to expand out someone’s entire scalp if they are bald on top and create flaps and bring the side and back hair altogether. It’s not the most fun process. While it dramatically helped the appearance of the scalp reduction scar, there is still some stretch back and you have all the remaining scars from the flap incisions. I had it done twice and that’s it for me. The old graphs used on top of my head did not cover enough and created an odd ridging appearance. With the multiple scalp reductions, this created a nightmare. The hair in front got pulled up too high and the hairline gets pulled in. The hair from my temples was pulled back, stretching out that area and over time/nature fell out. I’m relegated to wearing a hairpiece.

The Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial by Anonymous – Dr U Experience

I basically had given up hope until I met Dr. Umar. I had a session with him in July and it offers a lot of hope. He was able to fix the ridging and pluggy look in the front and offers hope to cover and fix the crown, temples, and scars on my head. You will be hard pressed to find too many people with a worse condition than mine, but I believe BHT [ where hair from the beard and body areas are transplanted to the scalp ]could be the answer. I can say after the pain of all the other procedures, Dr. Umar’s technique was easy. No staples, deep stitches, head expanders, etc. First, the guy is about the nicest guy you can meet. Second, he really cares. Third and most importantly, he is very skilled and I think has the best results and is the most trustworthy person to perform BHT. My first day there was from 7:30am to 3am with Dr. Umar repairing bad graphs and getting me started in the right direction. The next four days were from around 10am to 2am. I’m confident in his abilities and I know there are a lot of doubts out there, but if anyone is considering getting a hair transplant I would definitely go with UGraft / BHT over strip. With all the incisions/stretching I’ve had to the back of my head, my scalp will never feel the way it was. If I can save anyone from doing this, then having my case followed may give hope to others and confidence to those considering UGraft / BHT. Having been promised results before and read other blogs about pictures and lighting, I decided to have all my progress documented by an independent plastic surgeon, the one who did both my Z-plastys. He will take the post-op photos and follow my progress of Dr Umar’s work. This doctor is well respected within the industry, he often speaks at conferences and many doctors serve fellowships with him. He does not perform BHT himself, he does a strip method so he is very interested in monitoring the outcome. This doctor told me every year a BHT doctor says they are bringing some results to a conference to show them off, but it never happens. Dr. Umar has never met him and welcomed the opportunity to have another doctor monitor the progress. Dr Umar will post the pictures and he can explain my case.

The Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial by Anonymous Before and after Photos

The Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial by Anonymous Before and after Dr U repair
With the help of beard hair grafts, this hopeless repair case was able to achieve abundant coverage for scars and low density areas.*
Body Hair Grafts Repairs Botched Results
Phenomenal repair using body hair grafts to create desired coverage.*

As with anyone who posts here, none of this is easy to share, but if I can help someone from making the same mistake and/or a better decision then it is worth it. If this type of forum existed before, I would have been spared a lot of pain. I have a ways to go and will post updates, but I believe Dr Umar is finally the one who can offer me hope and restore some dignity regarding this ordeal in my life.”

The Worst Hair Transplant Repair Patient Testimonial by Anonymous Before and After Video

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