Hair Restoration Testimonials by David

Hair Restoration Testimonials by David : “I choose Dr. Umar to perform my hair transplantation surgery, because I needed a doctor who could repair the plugs and camouflage the scar’s that I still had on my head from previous transplants many years ago.  The techniques surgeons used then produced a very unnatural pluggy look, and the techniques for obtaining the hair, deleted a persons donor supply rapidly.  Over the years, in trying to find a solution to my problem, I eventually ran out of donor hair.  The result was a head that still had plugs and visible scars along the back and sides of my head.  I had to camouflage it any way I could, by keeping the hair long or wearing a hat whenever in public.


Hair Restoration Testimonials by David – Dr U Experience

When I heard about BHT (body hair transplants), I even flew from the US to Australia, to see and have transplants performed by a specialist there.  The results was more improvement, and some of the larger plugs removed.  The procedures I had there were costly, and I was told before I left that there was nothing else that could be done, unless there was a way to have hair follicles multiplied.  Approximately two years later, I read about Dr. Umar’s success with patients using UGraft BHT and FUE.  With low expectations, I went to him for a consultation.  With his skill and attention to detail, using only body hair, he transformed my scalp from one that had to be covered with a hat, to where now, my scalp and hair look quite normal.”

David Serrato

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