Hair Restoration Testimonial By C.J

Hair Restoration testimonial By C.J : As a patient of Dr Umar’s I can attest to his skill as a HT Dr., and his overall dedication to his practice and his patients. He is a truly an innovator and pioneer in advanced and innovative HT surgery techniques, and his background in the field of Dermatology add to his overall skills as a HT surgeon. His one-on-one total patient care “experience” should be the industry standard, and the personalized atmosphere at the clinic was very comfortable and professional.

Hair Restoration testimonial By C.J – Dr U Experience

Because of my advanced degree of hair loss, I have been to too many hair restoration Dr’s, and while I’m never sure what to expect in a medical procedure like a hair transplant, it’s was a relief to have a Dr like Dr Umar, explaining the steps so you always feel in control. This hair loss affliction has been physically and emotionally difficult to deal with, and has been a tremendous battle for me, but with Dr.Umar’s help, and the early results of the procedure he performed I am on my way to winning the “battle”.

Dr Umar’s constant care and concern is amazing, and it certainly sets him apart from all other HT physicians and HT “hair mills” that unfortunately are common place in the industry. Please allow me the opportunity to be a referral to other prospective patients with regards to my HT experience with Dr Umar, by offering my name and phone number to anyone looking for are commendation. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone considering a HT or Dr Umar’s talents as a surgeon.



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