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Will Hair Cloning Help Regrow Your Hair?

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  • Hair Cloning | Research | More Hair Follicles

DEFINITION: A process involving the production of multiple number of hair follicles from a few original follicles. Hair cloning is one of the most highly anticipated developments in medical research.  Baldness and thinning affect countless men and women world wide. And therefore, many people are interested in the idea of restoring fully functional hair follicles in their scalp. What Hair Cloning Actually Involves In its truest sense, cloning involves creating whole physiological structures from a single cell.  From following the news, you may be familiar with the fact that scientists have been able to clone animals such as Dolly the […]

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction – Going Beyond Basic Hair Transplant Procedures

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  • Two BHT Surgeries Reverse Norwood 7 Baldness

Modern hair transplant procedures are quite sophisticated. Hair plugs are no longer necessary with today’s techniques in Follicular Unit Extraction. Also, with FUE, men can wear their hair as short as they’d like since there is no linear scar to hide. Like just about anything, there is always room for improvement. Although wonderful hair restoration results have been achieved with Follicular Unit Extraction, standard practices of this type of surgery are still limited for certain cases. Examples include: (1) Severe baldness Conventional  Follicular Unit Extraction procedures extract hair follicles from the head. However, in most cases, only a maximum of […]

Hair Transplant as Viewed by Women: Wherefore Art Thou Bald, Romeo?

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  • Hair Transplants and Relationships with Women

The biggest concern for most people who battle hair loss is that the opposite sex will no longer find them attractive. Men pursue all kinds of treatments to get their hair back, including creams, pills, ointments, laser therapy, and hair transplant. They may even use pharmaceuticals at the cost of their libido (Merck warns that Propecia may cause sexual dysfunction, though not proven). But do women really care when a man is bald? Do they find balding men less attractive? If Romeo had been bald, would Juliet have loved him anyway? While we would all like to believe that true […]

FUE Hair Restoration for Younger Patients

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  • Young Patient | Advanced FUE Hair Transplant

Typically, hair clinics will not perform FUE hair restoration (or any other hair transplant surgery) on candidates under the age of 24. This is due to the fact that male pattern baldness is progressive in nature and a premature hair loss would undermine the long-term results. The implanted hair would stay put as the continuation of baldness would persist in surrounding areas, yielding an unnatural-looking island of hair. There are sometimes extreme cases, which create an exception to this general rule of thumb. These exceptions exists for the following reasons: The candidate understands that a second, or even third procedure […]

Hair Loss: The Differences Between Ethnicities

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  • Hairline Restoration For African American Patient

Different ancestry in people presents itself in numerous ways: beliefs, personality, skin color, hair color, eye color and more. Ancestry also affects hair type in different ethnicities. While the most common factor in hair loss for men and women of all races is androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness, other secondary factors differ between the races. Additionally, hair type affects hair transplant surgery. Treating ethnic hair loss differs from treating Caucasian hair loss for two main reasons. Different ethnic groups face more prevalent causes of hair loss than others, whether genetic or self-imposed. The hair follicle varies between people of different […]

Hair Restoration for Past Surgeries: FUE, BHT, FHT

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  • Strip Scar on Patient

The effects of thinning hair and balding can be detrimental, regardless of the cause. Decreased self-confidence and negative self-esteem may occur. It is even more difficult for a patient when baldness reoccurs after initial hair restoration surgery. When Initial Hair Restoration Fails Severe baldness is the increasing result of past hair restoration surgeries. Older techniques often produced extensive scarring and unnatural appearance. Past methods: Scalp reduction Temporoparietal-occipital flaps Punch graphs Current methods result in a more natural appearance, but some still produce scarring difficult to conceal. The common follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) technique produces large, unsightly scarring. This strip scar is […]

What’s Your Greatest Hair Transplant Concern?

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  • Hair Transplant Cost| Hair Transplant Prices| Price Per Graft

You want the best results you can get out of your hair transplant. But before even getting to that point, you have to take a leap of faith—faith in the FUE technology (or otherwise) you’ve researched, faith in the surgeon you’ve chosen, faith in the testimonials you’ve heard, etc. There’s no doubt you’re going to have concerns, and you’re not alone. Surgical hair restoration is an emotional journey with many ups and downs, and you don’t want to end up as one of those horror stories you’ve heard. Perhaps an objective response to some common concerns will help you take […]

Why Your Hair Grafts are “Weird” After Hair Transplant

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  • Repair of Weird Growth After Patient's First Hair Transplant

Many cosmetic surgeries provide somewhat instant gratification as to the results of the procedure. After a couple weeks of healing, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, etc display an immediate improvement or change in the recipient’s appearance. With some other types of surgery, the gratification comes a little later and requires patience. Hair transplant is one of those procedures that are worth the wait. A new, full head of hair or advanced hairline will not spring up instantly. In fact, you won’t even see new growth for about four months post-surgery, and the optimal outcome won’t arrive for about 18 […]

Dr. Umar’s Use of Leg Hair for Hairline Refinement Featured in Dermatology Times

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  • Restoring the Hairline

The majority of men struggling with male pattern baldness take note of hair loss occurring at the hairline and temple points first. Indeed, crown thinning will shortly follow, but hairline recession arguably remains the worst of it all. Suffice it to say, the hairline is the frame of the face—the first thing people gaze upon when looking at you. Hair transplantation, particularly hairline refinement, is available to help. The Dermatology Times features the distinctive practices of widely respected hair transplant expert, Dr. Sanusi Umar. Using his developments in follicular unit extraction (FUE), he can construct a gradual, natural-looking hairline with […]

Deciding Between FUE and FUT For Hair Transplant

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  • FUE Repairs Strip Surgery Results

Making the leap into hair transplant can be incredibly overwhelming. There is so much research to be done, so many choices to be made, so many goals to be fulfilled. The process involves an exhausting list of variables to be considered, which includes: Your age How bald you are/how many hair grafts you’ll need What surgeon/hair clinic you choose How much you’re willing to pay The technique you choose All of the above take part in the final results—and each one has the potential to make or break your hair transplant. Last, but certainly not least on the list, technique […]