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Is it beneficial to use Propecia after a hair transplant?

Hair Loss Medications FAQ :Even though Propecia has no effect on transplanted hair after a hair transplant, it can assist to maintain the patient’s surrounding hair and is therefore useful as an appendage to head hair transplant surgery, and thus will enable the patient to obtain a better overall result. According to Dr. Umar, patients undergoing body hair transplantation should use Propecia with caution and consult before usage with an experienced hair transplantation surgeon. For patients using body hair transplantation, Dr Umar has advised that finasteride, propecia, and proscar and other 5AR medications may have a negative effect on their body hair transplant results. For more on this click: The role of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors on Body Hair Transplantation

Probably my biggest concern is having to take propecia – I believe this is recommended in order to keep the remaining hair? I had a definite decrease in my sex drive when I took it previously and have read some pretty nasty stories about peoples long-term side effects on it. Is there any alternative to this you would recommend?

Minoxidil is the other thing you can use. If you have these side effects from propecia, just don’t take it or any related medications anymore.

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Hair Loss Medications FAQ
Propecia (Finasteride) is commonly used for managing male pattern baldness. But patients must be aware of its potential side effects & health risks.

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