Eyebrow, Facial Hair and Body Hair Restoration in Los Angeles

How are eyebrow hair transplants different from typical head hair transplants? Eyebrow transplants are different from hair transplants for a variety of reasons, with the most significant difference being that eyebrow hairs grow from the hair follicle at very acute angles. This angle is what gives eyebrows the flat appearance on the eyebrow ridge, which in contrast, scalp hair rises at a 45 or more angle from the scalp. In addition, the growth cycle of eyebrows hairs is much shorter than the growth cycle of head hair, with a phase of growth in approximately 4 months as compared to the 3 to 7 year anagen phase of head hair. Eyebrow hairs also grow dramatically in different directions in all sections of the eyebrow. The hairs also grow as individual strands only, meaning they do not grow in groups called follicular units.Using either body or head hair follicles derived by the FUE Hair Transplants, these hair follicles can be transplanted to reconstruct the eyebrows. Unlike hair transplants, where the donor hair is extracted from the scalp or body and thus grows in similarity to original head hair, the donor hair for eyebrow transplants taken from a different area of the body will be different in the aspects of growth rate and appearance. In addition, another difference with using head or body hair for eyebrow transplants is that the hair will continue to grow, which requires for the frequent trimming of the hairs in order to maintain an acceptable and physically appealing eyebrow appearance.

Eyebrow, Facial Hair and Body Hair Restoration in Los Angeles : A Photo example

Eyebrow, Facial Hair and Body Hair Restoration, Male Patient- Before and After
Body hair from the legs was transplanted for this patient’s eyebrow restoration. These thin hairs provided the soft and subtle definition that he wanted.*

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