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Follicular Unit Extraction: Natural Hair Restoration, Linear Scar Free FUE

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  • Patient Before and After Advanced FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction is becoming a popular method for hair restoration. If you are experiencing hair loss, during your inquiries via the Internet or library, you have surely come across the term Follicular Unit Extraction or “FUE.” Thus, many people want to know what FUE truly is, and how it works. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Follicular unit extraction is a specific technique used in hair transplant surgeries because of the natural looking result and accelerated post-operation healing. Before the invention of FUE, hair transplant procedures required the doctor to remove a strip of flesh from the back and […]

Child Hair Loss – Is It Real?

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  • Hair Loss Conditions | Children

Hair loss for children is a more common than you think. An estimated 3 percent of all pediatric office visits in the United States involve a parent’s concern over a child’s hair loss, and nearly 2 million children suffer from some form hair loss. Children can be affected by different forms of Alopecia , and in many cases at least 60% of children with the condition will outgrow it without the need for long term or serious treatment. However, for children suffering from Cicatrical Alopecia, a form of hair loss marked by the scarring of the scalp when the hair […]

Gray Hair – Can It Be Reversed?

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  • Body Hair Transplant Results|Final Hairline and Temples

Believe it or not, yes! Take a look at the pictures below for proof of graying hair being reversed by transplanting hair from elsewhere on the body with Follicular Unit Extraction. For one patient, Dr. Umar first transplanted 3,000 grafts of gray and dark body hair to the balding areas on the crown of the patient’s scalp. Over the next seven months, he noticed that the transplanted hair was turning darker. For the next step, Dr. Umar transplanted only gray hairs from the patient’s chest to his head, a total of 1,354 of them. At 20 months, he noticed that […]

Los Angeles Hair Restoration: Reversal of Graying Hair After Transplantation

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For the first time in history, a surgery which caused the reversal of graying following transplantation of gray chest hair to the head was performed by Dr. Umar in Los Angeles. Dr. Umar transplanted 3,000 gray and dark body hair to the patient’s head and observed darkening of the transplanted area at 7 months. Next Dr. Umar selected only gray hair from a defined area of the chest and transplanted 1354 of these to the bald crown. At 20 months Dr. Umar observed predominantly dark hair growth in transplanted area of the crown. Changing the milieu of follicles by hair […]

FUE Hair Transplant With Beard Hair Grafts

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  • Hair Transplant Education| Hair Loss Questions and Answers

Harvesting hair from the head donor area and harvesting from the beard have differences that should be considered, specifically the quality and texture of the hair. Beard hair FUE is a scalpel free procedure and leaves minimal scarring, unlike traditional hair transplant procedures. Patients who wish to use beard hair must consult a board certified physician such as Dr. Umar from Finetouch Dermatology to assess their hair texture and declare them a viable candidate.  FUE performed with beard hair is also different from the process of extracting hair from the scalp. Candidates who qualify for a beard hair transplant can […]

Androgenetic Alopecia – Genetic Balding and the Effects of DHT

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  • Male Pattern Baldness | Norwood 7

Androgenetic Alopecia is commonly referred to as genetic balding, and it is the main cause of male and female hair loss. Therefore your fate with regards to balding has been predetermined before you were even born, and the follicles have been genetically programmed to know when, where, and how much baldness you will experience in your lifetime. However, this genetically planned future for your hair can be altered or compensated for with modern hair loss treatments, such as a hair transplants and medications. There are nowadays, genetic test kits for androgenic alopecia. Baldness is largely due to the interaction of […]

New Methods of Head Hair Only Hair Restoration

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  • FUE Surgery | Head Hair Only

Traditional head hair transplant methods involve the removal of strips of flesh from the back and sides of the head, which unfortunately results in linear scars that wrap around the back of the head from ear to ear. Even a strip-surgery performed to perfection will leave a linear scar and patients may suffer from numbness, pain and problems of forever trying to hide the scar and being conscious of it. Additionally, strip surgery will destroy the natural geometry of the donor region by obliterating the natural linear arrangement of follicular groups along the consecutive spirals. Fortunately, a new procedure known […]

Hair Loss and Smoking – Is There a Connection?

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  • How Smoking Affects Hair Follicles

Though an exact relationship between smoking and hair loss has yet to be determined, the detrimental effects of smoking are widely documented. Smoking disrupts circulation, depriving your hair follicles from receiving the right amounts of oxygen, nutrients and minerals needed to produce healthy hair. It is possible that smoking may destroy hair follicles and, by restricting circulation of the blood carrying needed items, cause your hair to become brittle and break off. Smoking might also contribute to poor wound healing after a hair transplant, increasing the chances of infection and scarring. And of course, smoking could contribute to poor hair […]

Los Angeles Hair Restoration: Treating Cicatricial Alopecia Early is Key to Preventing Further Hair Loss

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  • Cicatricial Alopecia | Scarring Alopecia | Hair Loss

Cicatricial alopecia, also known as scarring alopecia, is a form of hair loss in women and men that is marked by the scarring of the scalp where the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with a scar tissue causing permanent hair loss. Unlike other forms of hair loss, cicatricial alopecia results in scattered bald patches of hair loss and is usually associated with redness and irritation on the scalp. In other cases, causes of scarring alopecia are associated with severe itching, burning and pain which progresses rapidly. Sometimes hair follicles, such as around the bald patches, are not completely destroyed […]