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Best Hair Transplant
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Best Hair Transplant

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Most people want to obtain the best hair transplant possible on the first try. Hair transplantation is a permanent surgical procedure, and usually life-changing. The few immediate distresses of a hair restoration procedure are juxtaposed against countless long-term benefits, which make it all worthwhile. However, it stands to reason that anyone would want to go through those “distresses” only once and be done with them. Such immediate hardships include emotional turmoil, financial cost, the risk of a botched result or complication during surgery, the surgery itself, and the healing process.

How To Get The Best Hair Transplant

Hair loss often creates mental and emotional turmoil.

Hair loss often creates mental and emotional turmoil.

There are ways to ensure you get the best hair transplant possible for you, so you can reap only the benefits of your surgery, for a lifetime. When aiming for your ideal outcome, the two main factors to thoroughly consider are:

  • Technique
  • Surgeon


Everyone is different, thus there is a range of needs when it comes to the method used for transplantation. The two major hair transplant methods used today are follicular unit transplant (FUT)—also known as strip harvesting—and follicular unit extraction (FUE). These techniques differ in two major ways: the extraction process and donor source. FUT removes a strip of flesh for donor harvesting from the mid-rear scalp, while FUE removes the follicular units one by one, from anywhere on the scalp (or body). FUE is considered the best hair transplant method; it’s the more sophisticated, more advanced technology of the two, but many people still have use for FUT. The table below gives a more in-depth overview of these two techniques compared:

Choosing the best hair transplant method|Strip Surgery|FUE

a comparison of strip surgery (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

So, let’s say we have Sample Patient A, Sample Patient B, and Sample Patient C. Patient A knows he likes his hair in a clean and simple buzz haircut. He’s about an NW IV level of hair loss, with a receding hairline and a bald crown. The best hair transplant technique for him would be FUE. Due to the fact that strip harvesting leaves an inevitable linear scar (and harsher hairline), someone with a buzz cut would not want to have this type of surgery done because the scar and hairline would be very obvious and exposed. Patient A would want to opt for follicular unit extraction because it only leaves cosmetically negligible scarring. To save money, he could even opt for moderate density, due to the fact that short hair creates a shadow affect and gives an illusion of thickness. He gets his best hair transplant with no compromise.

Sample Patient A: real patient of DermHair Clinic

Sample Patient A: real patient of DermHair Clinic

Sample Patient B is also an NW IV, but he likes to wear his hair in a longer hairstyle. He desperately wants a hair transplant surgery but has a mortgage, car payment, and other financial responsibilities that make it impossible to afford the best hair transplant technique. Though FUE is more advanced and will provide better long-term results, a compromise in this situation would be to opt for FUT. Patient B gets his hairline restored and his crown filled in, but keeps his hair long enough to conceal the strip scar. (Bear in mind, strip surgery is a common reason for people to undergo hair transplant repair—a second surgery that refines the hairline and conceals the linear scar for prior FUT patients.)

Sample Patient B: in the case of needing FUE repair of strip scar later on

Sample Patient B: in the case of needing FUE repair of strip scar later on

Sample Patient C is an NW 7, having had several prior surgeries that left him with unsightly scarring. Since FUT requires a plentiful scalp donor source, and Patient C is severely bald, his needs go beyond the capabilities of strip harvesting. His best hair transplant option is to undergo follicular unit extraction, by means of UGraft body hair transplant (BHT). UGraft BHT is an advanced form of FUE that makes a donor source of almost any place on the body, including the beard, chest, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms. This vastly expanded donor source makes even the severest cases restorable.

Best hair transplant : real patient of DermHair Clinic

Sample Patient C: real patient of DermHair Clinic


The surgeon is the next thing (arguably the first) to make the biggest impact on getting the best hair transplant. It is pivotal to look for a surgeon who:

  • Has the proper education, certifications, and licensing
  • Has ample EXPERIENCE!!!
  • Has before and after video/photo documentation of his prior patients
  • Has had enduring success (evidenced by videos/photos)
  • Provides you with a free consultation
  • Does not over-promise unrealistic results
  • Can discuss an overall vision of the best hairline design for your face
  • Uses handheld tools for surgery, not robotic machines, like Artas and NeoGraft. With automated technology, it is harder to account for  many of the finer details needed in hair restoration

To get the best hair transplant surgeon who is also a leader in the field, look for someone who has:

  • Invented his own technique and tools
  • Made groundbreaking discoveries and contributions to the field
  • Publications (Annals of Plastic Surgery, or other such medical journals)
  • Been a speaker/presented at respected conferences (ASDS, ISHRS)
  • Educational activities, faculty positions held at esteemed universities

Ultimately, you want a practitioner who has had lots of experience and time-tested success rates in order to get the very best hair transplant possible. In addition to the credentials of the hair transplant doctor, be sure he is using the proper equipment for all aspects of surgery, and that he will have a fully equipped operating room with an attentive and professional staff. Attending the best hair transplant clinic will ensure the highest quality of care, both during surgery and for follow-up visits.

Staff at work in the DermHair Clinic OR

Staff at work in the DermHair Clinic OR


The following videos depict the best restoration in each of the following scenarios: regular hair restoration, hair transplant repair, and restoration for severe baldness.


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