Best FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

There are specific things to watch out for when pursuing an FUE hair transplant that will determine your results. Things such as:

  • Cost
  • Tools used
  • Number of grafts to be transplanted
  • Donor hair source

However, not one of these will weigh more heavily in the success of your surgery than finding the best surgeon to perform the procedure. The surgeon is paramount. His or her training, skill, experience, artistic vision, and medical staff will make your hair restoration everything you dreamed of, or your worst nightmare.

best FUE hair transplant surgeon|Dr. U's hair transplant patient undergoing surgery

Dr. U’s hair transplant patient undergoing surgery


FUE, or follicular unit extraction is today’s most sophisticated hair transplant method. It requires the harvest of follicular units one at a time from the donor area. If a patient needs an FUE hair transplant of 10,000 grafts, every one of those is removed individually. This is in stark opposition to excising a strip of flesh, as strip harvesting does, and makes FUE an advanced method by nature.

Strip scar coverage with FUE | best Advanced FUE hair transplant surgeon| body hair grafts

patient with multiple strip scars which were later concealed with body hair grafts

patient before and after his FUE hair restoration for the hairline and strip scar | best FUE hair transplant surgeon

patient before and after his FUE hair restoration for the hairline and strip scar

This protocol also makes it a long, labor-intensive, and tedious process that obliges a surgeon to have matchless patience and a sturdy skill; particularly bearing in mind that the FDA considers each FUE extraction a surgical procedure which must be performed only by the surgeon, or other equally qualified person. The best FUE hair transplant surgeon will be able to ensure the veracity of each graft while minimizing transection rates, incidences of graft burial, and scarring. The excision of viable grafts is pivotal in creating high long-term graft survival rates, with maximum yield and density.

The technical aspect of surgery takes graft integrity and graft placement (direction, angle, and global evenness) into account. But there is also an artistic feature. Crafting a hairline to match nature is no easy task and requires the surgeon to have a vision for aesthetic facial structuring on his many different patients. A highly skilled surgeon will establish a natural-looking hairline shape, how far forward or back it should be placed, and how soft/gradual it should appear. The hairlines must flatter the countenance of every individual.

Repair of botched hair transplant| best FUE hair transplant surgeon| Advanced FUE|body hair

patient before and after his Advanced FUE surgery with body hair grafts


When researching surgeons, there are certain things to take note of. Each hair transplant recipient will have varying preferences and needs that might make one surgeon more appealing than another. But there are general rules of thumb to adhere to in order to receive the best treatment and care.The following tips are universal:

  • Be sure he/she has the appropriate licensing and board certifications to be in practice.
  • Make sure he/she has PLENTIFUL and diverse experience, particularly in FUE hair transplant.
  • Review his/her documentation of prior patient outcomes. This includes photographic documentation and, more importantly, VIDEO documentation.

  • Be aware of the buzz that he/she garners in the field. The best FUE hair transplant surgeon will be widely respected among both peers and patients. Also they should be able to showcase proof of their past work through hair restoration videos of actual patients.
  • Attend a free and individualized consultation with the surgeon of choice before the procedure. He/she should be able to outline a plan of action regarding hairline design, density, donor sources, etc. Also, ask what tools he/she uses; handheld tools are a sign of an advanced surgeon.
Manual handheld FUE tool| best FUE hair transplant surgeon|methods & tools

Manual handheld FUE tool.

Powered hand held FUE technology| choosing the best FUE hair transplant surgeon

Powered hand held FUE tool.

Ultimately a practitioner whose portfolio contains the above prerequisites is a good choice. You are well on your way to pinpointing the best FUE hair transplant surgeon for you.

Watching patient videos can be very insightful. Here is an example of a NW7 patient who was able to regain significant fullness through a hair transplant performed by Dr. Umar. Click here to watch video and read about his case.