Beard Hair Transplant Cost

Beard Hair Transplant Cost |price per graft

with a beard hair transplant, it is possible for even patients with severe hair loss to achieve a very youthful looking coverage

The cost of a hair transplant procedure with beard hair follicles is often high. Using beard hair is a specialty within body hair transplant (BHT), which is a derivation of FUE, or follicular unit extraction. FUE is the forerunning hair restoration technology to date, and requires a top-notch surgeon to handle its individual graft harvest with maximum proficiency. As such, BHT and beard hair transplant are the two most sophisticated methods of hair restoration available.

The professional, social, and emotional costs of suffering through hair loss make the financial investment an easy choice.


While follicular unit extraction was invented with the notion of scalp hair as the donor source, innovative surgeons decided to branch outside the norm. They realized that the minimized invasiveness of FUE would allow for the integration of donor sources beyond the scalp. Eventually, this branched into BHT, which gave way to large use of facial hair. This non-traditional donor hair is a revolutionary resource for severely bald patients.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost |best hair transplant investment

Beard hair transplant repaired this patient’s asymmetrical density from a prior procedure.


The main factors that weigh in on determining the cost of a hair replacement procedure are:

  • Surgeon
  • Patient’s degree of hair loss


The surgeon you choose is vital. This cannot be stressed enough. An experienced, well known, and greatly respected surgeon will have the medical understanding and artistic skill to get the job done right. He or she should be able to excise the grafts with minimal risk of graft burial or transection, leaving minimal scarring to the donor area. In addition, this surgeon must be able to place the grafts with accurate angulation, direction, and dispersement to appear natural.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost | crown restoration

The wrong surgeon produced disfiguring results on this patient previously.

High costs which reflect the right surgeon   are the best investment a patient can make. These doctors may charge more based on demand for their services, time and training invested in their field, and overhead costs invested in a superior facility, medical team, and tools

Beard Hair Transplant Cost |Skilled Surgeon

The right FUE excision tools can also be used for beard hair transplant.

Patient’s Degree of Hair Loss

This also plays a large factor in the cost of a hair restoration procedure, considering that most clinics charge a dollar amount per graft. And if they charge based on an hourly rate or other system, it still breaks down to a per-graft fee because the more grafts the patient needs, the more time the surgery will take.

Thus, if you are on the higher end of the Norwood scale, at an NW 6 or NW 7, you will most likely require several thousand donor grafts to achieve satisfactory coverage. For someone who has less severe baldness, less recipient area to fill, the per graft cost will be less.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost |large scale surgery| severe baldness

Thousands of grafts were harvested from this severely bald patient’s beard.


Paying for a surgery that has the power to change your life, restore happiness, renew damaged emotions, and rebuild relationships is doubtless a worthy investment. It is an investment in you. So treat it like any other investment you have ever made in yourself. University tuition. A new car. A wedding. A house. Payment options include:

  • Save up in advance
  • Take out a loan
  • Finance the surgery on credit cards


Find out if your chosen clinic will charge you on a sliding scale. For example:

  • $8 per graft for less than 1,000 grafts
  • $7 per graft for 1,000 to 4,000 grafts
  • $5.50 per graft for more than 4,000 grafts

Also, hair restoration clinics are only as good as their results. And they need to share these results in order to prove their merit and build a client base. Some clinics will give their patients a discount in return for permission to publicly use the patient’s face, voice and results in photographs and videos for promotional purposes.

For more information on what to be aware of when you get a consultation from a hair restoration surgeon, click here to read more.