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Hair transplantation is a surgical cosmetic procedure, and for many surgical procedures, the ensuing pain is more feared than they surgery itself. It stands to reason that one would wonder what to expect with regard to pain, during the recovery from hair transplant. How Does Hair Transplant Work? This depends on the method of hair […]

Recent transplant advances in Follicular Unit Extraction, especially through the use of body hair in techniques like uGraft, have made it the most ideal choice for hair replacement. Outcomes are not only natural looking in appearance, but it also offers new hope for the severely bald who had previously been declined for hair transplant procedures. […]

The best way to achieve hair replacement is undoubtedly through surgery. While this is a more costly option, the results are permanent. And depending on the skill and technique used, the outcome more or less approximates a natural state of having a full head of hair. Surgical techniques for hair transplantation  can be grouped as […]

Sometimes patients are given less than ideal results from hair transplant procedures and told that it’s the best that can be done for their particular case. Thanks to advancements developed by Dr. Umar in body hair transplant as an extension of Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.), new hope is offered to these types of patients. Beard […]

The use of body hair as a donor supply for Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.) can offer new hope for patients who wanted better results from past transplant procedures they have had. Strip surgery  is the traditional method for hair restoration. Strips of skin from the scalp are surgically extracted and cut into individual grafts that […]

Follicular Unit Extraction offers a promising solution for the loss of hair. The main objective of an F.U.E. hair restoration procedure is evident from its very name. Follicular grafts consisting of 1-4 naturally grouped hairs are individually extracted either from the body or the head. This is different from the traditional method of surgically removing […]

As you may have already learned, the F.U.E. procedure produces more natural looking results without a permanent scar, it is highly preferred over traditional strip surgery. The basic concept of the F.U.E. hair restoration procedure is to 1st extract  individual skin grafts of follicular units (i.e. 1 to four naturally occurring groups of hair) 2nd […]

If you have done your research on hair transplant procedures, you are probably already familiar with the benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.): There is no permanent linear scar unlike strip surgery.  Patients can wear their hair short Technique is overall less invasive Hair lines can be crafted to be more natural looking in appearance […]

If you want a solution for your receding hairline and would like to consider getting a transplant, you may want to learn about the difference between two techniques that are available: Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E. Hair Transplant) Strip Surgery What Is An F.U.E. Hair Transplant Procedure? An F.U.E. hair transplant works the way it’s name […]

The esteemed Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery and Bottom Line Publications’ Daily Health News each recently reported on Dr. Umar’s pioneering work in body hair transplantation (BHT). His use of non-traditional donor sources has surpassed a lot of the criticism it garnered at first, and has gone on to prove its groundbreaking value […]