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If you want a solution for your receding hairline and would like to consider getting a transplant, you may want to learn about the difference between two techniques that are available: Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E. Hair Transplant) Strip Surgery What Is An F.U.E. Hair Transplant Procedure? An F.U.E. hair transplant works the way it’s name [...]

The esteemed Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery and Bottom Line Publications’ Daily Health News each recently reported on Dr. Umar’s pioneering work in body hair transplantation (BHT). His use of non-traditional donor sources has surpassed a lot of the criticism it garnered at first, and has gone on to prove its groundbreaking value [...]

Hair loss affects several million men and women all over the world. In the United States, it’s upwards of 40 million men and 21 million women. Ninety-five percent of the cause in men: pattern baldness. While this aggressive genetic hair loss condition seems inevitable, it may actually be somewhat preventable. And other outlying causes of [...]

Hair transplant has gotten a bad wrap over the years. Admittedly, when it started out in the 1950’s, it was horribly unnatural-looking; entailed invasive, high-risk surgery; and too-often tendered disfiguring scars amid the “doll’s hair” tufts that sprouted from the recipient’s scalp. Hair transplant technology has come a long way since then, so one could [...]

This patient lost her eyebrow growth and density due to years of cosmetic maintenance, like plucking and waxing. Additionally, hormones and aging are causes for women’s hair loss, including eyebrow hair loss. For years she resorted to eyebrow tattooing, which was not natural-looking and was also inconvenient due to the fact that the ink wears [...]

Men aren’t the only ones who lose their hair. American Health Journal has acknowledged that upwards of 21 million women in the United States are suffering hair loss, and this article in Women’s Day reveals that 50% of women will experience some hair loss by the age of 50. While it doesn’t manifest in the [...]

Traction alopecia is the slow but steady loss of hair resulting from scalp trauma, inflicted by constant forceful pulling on the hair. Typically caused by specific hairstyles, traction alopecia is most common among African American women. It begins at the periphery of the scalp, including the anterior and posterior hairlines and behind the ears, and [...]

Online news source Health Day interviewed Dr. Umar regarding a new frontier on hair loss research. Recent genetic analysis of scalp tissue has shown a strong link between the protein PGD2 and hair loss. PGD2 is a prostaglandin needed for various functions of the body to run smoothly. However, when found near stem cells in [...]

Women suffer from hair loss for varying reasons. Though it may seem embarrassing and taboo, there are approximately 21 million women struggling with this condition in the United States alone, and in need of a hair restoration solution. Many different health factors can cause hair loss to happen, including: Pregnancy Traction alopecia Lack of sleep [...]

This patient developed acne keloidalis nuchae, a condition affecting of the hair follicles at the back of the head and/or nape of the neck. Though a rare ailment with an unknown pathology, it is most commonly seen in African American males. Physicians believe it may be caused by recurrent friction (frequent among those with extremely [...]