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Eyebrow transplant with Dr.Umar

Expanding the donor area. Expanding the possibilities. The severely bald were poor candidates until Dr. Umar started a non-tradition. In his care, you can say goodbye to the days of baldness and disfiguring scars and say hello to a lasting aesthetic design you would normally expect from nature. His innovative excision techniques that exploit non-traditional donor hair where necessary have transformed the lives of his patients in ways many believed to be impossible. The future of hair transplant surgery has indeed arrived.

Dr. Umar is widely recognized as the best hair restoration surgeon for reversing severe baldness. And he is known as the best doctor in the world for hair transplant repair. Which begs the question, if he can help cases considered hopeless by most, what should a middle of the road balding patient expect? On this too, his video and photo galleries speak volumes. His cutting edge publications and the high respect of peers affirm him as a pioneer, a leader, an innovator and inventor. Blazing a new trail with his signature uGraft, Dr. Umar continually gives patients so much more—even when they come to him with so much less. He provides world-class treatment in privacy, confidentiality, and comfort.

And he invites all formerly poor candidates to become a part of the non-tradition.

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