6100 Grafts To Achieve Full Hair Density With FUE Hair Restoration

6100 Grafts To Achieve Full Hair Density With FUE Hair Restoration

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Dr. Umar was able to achieve FUE hair restoration on this patient who’d previously had 3600 FUE grafts at another clinic; the results of which had left him lacking his desired hair density. Dr. Umar’s FUE hair restoration, which involved 6100 grafts transplanted from the body, beard, and head, accomplished the patient’s desired look. The patient was satisfied with his hair density and evenness.

Watch the video to see how this FUE hair restoration could achieve your desired hair density.

FUE Hair Restoration with 6100 Grafts to Achieve Full Hair

before and after 6100 grafts for hair transplant repair- front and top view

Top View of Body Hair Transplant Results

Body hair was able to offer excellent coverage and density for this patient.

Side view of FUE Transplant With Body Hair

Body hair was inserted to create an extremely natural looking outcome

Hairline Repair With Head and Beard Hair

Patient’s results include a very realistic looking hairline

Front View of 6100 Graft FUE Procedure

Patient’s hairline contour now has a harmonious balance with the temples.


About Dr Umar

Dr. Sanusi Umar is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, prior to which he was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He also completed a fellowship training in cosmetic surgery under the direction of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. As a pioneer in hair transplant surgery, he is widely published and recognized in his field.

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