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  The patient in this video chose a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. Like many men, he  experienced hairline recession followed by thinning in the top part of his head. Dr. Umar was able to restore these areas using uGraft (his proprietary hair transplant tool) to extract 1500 follicular units. In the video, the patient talks about [...]

This patient’s battle with pattern baldness first delivered him to surgical hair restoration using the strip method, or follicular unit transplant (FUT). The FUT surgery outcome was significantly substandard; it resulted in almost no yield, obvious linear scars, a crown filled with displaced grafts, and a pluggy hairline. Ultimately, the patient was still bald and [...]

This patient had undergone several prior efforts at hair restoration surgery since the age of 18 and was continually faced with discouraging results. Numerous scalp reductions only produced ongoing baldness, with the addition of surgical scars. He came to Dr. Umar with the understanding that his hair loss was severe and he was in need [...]

Numerous prior hair restoration procedures—involving both FUE and strip harvesting—left this patient with disappointing results. He still had major thinning across the top third of his scalp, now with unnatural graft placement and linear scars to conceal. He sought out Dr. Umar for his expertise in body hair transplant and hair transplant repair. Dr. Umar [...]

This patient had a previous hair restoration surgery done elsewhere, but it yielded subpar results. Afterward, he had an ever-present hairline recession and thinning at the crown. Desiring an FUE hair transplant to fill these areas once and for all, he came to DermHair Clinic. Dr. Umar constructed a new hairline and filled the patients [...]

This patient presented to Dr. Umar concerned about a receded hairline and a strip scar on the back of his head. He’d had a prior strip harvesting surgery that provided inadequate long-term growth and gave him the infamous linear scar. Clearly, he wanted a more youthful hairline and the strip scar filled in. After extracting [...]

A strip harvesting hair transplant didn’t get this patient the results he desired. And one year post-follicular unit extraction surgery of several thousand grafts, the patient still didn’t have the yield he wanted. His hairline, temple points, and frontal scalp were sparse, clearly having receded. What’s more, he also had to deal with the strip [...]

Noticias de la Salud de KNBC entrevistas a un paciente de cirugía estética y su médico, el Dr. Sanusi Umar de DermHair Clinic en Los Angeles, en el seguimiento de la historia de su trasplante de ceja notable. Después de años de cosmético sobre-desplume y los cambios hormonales que vienen con el envejecimiento, este paciente [...]

Never before has this type of hair restoration been done to such success. This patient came to Dr. Umar with, to be honest, a near-total bald crown. The patient was experiencing natural hair thinning (no extra loss due to scarring caused by “strip harvesting”), and was after a solution. In one session, Dr. Umar relocated [...]

“Strip harvesting” usually requires cutting strips of flesh from the back and side of the head, resulting in a linear scar that can widen overtime, and forcing you to continually find ways to hide it. The older method also limits the donor supply to 5,000-7,000 hair follicles, a huge waste. Scarring is a huge issue [...]