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Body Hair Transplant Megasession of 14,000 Grafts–11 Month Update

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This patient’s battle with pattern baldness first delivered him to surgical hair restoration using the strip method, or follicular unit transplant (FUT). The FUT surgery outcome was significantly substandard; it resulted in almost no yield, obvious linear scars, a crown filled with displaced grafts, and a pluggy hairline. Ultimately, the patient was still bald and in great need of a corrective procedure.

He came to DermHair Clinic for his repair, which consisted of a two-session process utilizing body hair transplant (BHT).  Dr. Umar transplanted 9,000 grafts in the first session and 5,000 grafts in the second session. Both sessions harvested donor hair from the chest and beard, as well as some from the nape.

Eleven months have passed since hair restoration session number two. The grafts have grown and matured even more, showing denser coverage, and visible progress in general. This repair surgery would not have been possible without using BHT.


uGraft Hair Transplant Repair—12,500 FUE Grafts

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This patient had undergone several prior efforts at hair restoration surgery since the age of 18 and was continually faced with discouraging results. Numerous scalp reductions only produced ongoing baldness, with the addition of surgical scars. He came to Dr. Umar with the understanding that his hair loss was severe and he was in need of FUE hair transplant repair.

Using his self-developed, revolutionary uGraft tool Dr. Umar restored the patient from his advanced state of baldness, while adding enough density to cover the scars. He harvested 12,500 FUE grafts total, comprised of donor hairs from the scalp and beard. Using a non-traditional source of donor hair is the only means by which it was possible to provide the patient with a successful hair restoration surgery.

At only nine months after the final session, the patient has seen a significant improvement in global density and scar concealment. “Dr. Umar has exceeded my expectations,” he said of his FUE hair transplant repair. “I can cut my hair so much shorter now.” Video and photos were provided by the patient.


9,000 Grafts Beard and Body Hair Transplant Repair with uGraft

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Numerous prior hair restoration procedures—involving both FUE and strip harvesting—left this patient with disappointing results. He still had major thinning across the top third of his scalp, now with unnatural graft placement and linear scars to conceal. He sought out Dr. Umar for his expertise in body hair transplant and hair transplant repair.

Dr. Umar extracted 9,000 FUE grafts over the course of two surgeries to restore this patient’s density and hairline. His signature tool, uGraft, was used to harvest hairs mainly from the beard and body, and a small number from the head as well. The patient now has a youthful head of hair, a natural-looking hairline, and feels confident enough in the concealment of his scars to wear a short haircut.

“If you’re unhappy with losing hair, then definitely come to Dr. Umar,” the patient advises all hair loss sufferers.

FUE Hair Transplant With 2300 Grafts Made This Patient Believe

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This patient had a previous hair restoration surgery done elsewhere, but it yielded subpar results. Afterward, he had an ever-present hairline recession and thinning at the crown. Desiring an FUE hair transplant to fill these areas once and for all, he came to DermHair Clinic.

Dr. Umar constructed a new hairline and filled the patients crown with a total of 2300 grafts. The hairline and temple points were built of 1800 FUE grafts harvested from the head and nape. It only took 500 FUE grafts from the rear scalp to add density to the crown. The results are an advanced hairline and a denser crown, just as the patient wanted. Eleven months post-operation, the patient is smiling and satisfied.

Along with the restoration of hair, the patient’s hope in the capacity of FUE hair transplant was also restored. “This place is going to make you a believer again,” he says, followed by the advice that Dr. Umar’s advanced FUE is the best in hair transplant.

Youthful Hairline Restored With uGraft FUE Hair Transplant—1500 Grafts

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This patient presented to Dr. Umar concerned about a receded hairline and a strip scar on the back of his head. He’d had a prior strip harvesting surgery that provided inadequate long-term growth and gave him the infamous linear scar. Clearly, he wanted a more youthful hairline and the strip scar filled in.

After extracting 1500 grafts from the patient’s head and nape, Dr. Umar’s advanced FUE hair transplant using uGraft proved successful yet again. The outcome of this second procedure is far superior to the first, and has provided the patient with exactly what he wanted: a youthful hairline and no linear scar in sight.

The FUE hair transplant also prevailed over the strip harvesting technique in regard to healing time. The patient told Dr. Umar that his advanced uGraft procedure simply gave him “two weeks of redness [and] a couple ingrown hairs,” while the strip procedure proffered a “long” healing time, and a scar to boot.

In regard to his results at only 7 months, the patient said, “I couldn’t be happier, honestly.”

FUE Hair Transplant: 2850 Grafts Repairs And Restores

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A strip harvesting hair transplant didn’t get this patient the results he desired. And one year post-follicular unit extraction surgery of several thousand grafts, the patient still didn’t have the yield he wanted. His hairline, temple points, and frontal scalp were sparse, clearly having receded. What’s more, he also had to deal with the strip scar on the back of his head.

The patient decided to trust Dr. Umar’s expertise in advanced follicular unit extraction hair transplant. He made it clear to Dr. Umar that he wanted to add density to the front of his scalp, he wanted his hairline refined, and he wanted the strip scar covered up. Using his signature FUE SFET technique with 2500 head hair grafts and 350 beard hair grafts, Dr. Umar successfully completed the procedure. The 2500 grafts were implanted at the frontal scalp for density, with a concentration of nape hair used to create a soft, gradual hairline. The 350 grafts were used strictly to conceal the patient’s strip scar.

Four years after his second follicular unit extraction hair transplant, the patient is finally satisfied. The long-term graft survival of Dr. Umar’s FUE SFET surpassed his expectations.

Noticias De La Salud De KNBC Entrevistas A Dr. Umar Sobre Trasplante De Ceja

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Noticias de la Salud de KNBC entrevistas a un paciente de cirugía estética y su médico, el Dr. Sanusi Umar de DermHair Clinic en Los Angeles, en el seguimiento de la historia de su trasplante de ceja notable.

Después de años de cosmético sobre-desplume y los cambios hormonales que vienen con el envejecimiento, este paciente había perdido casi todo su pelo de ceja. Durante algún tiempo tuvo sus cejas tatuadas en una solución, pero la tinta se desvanecen rápidamente y ella tendría que devolver cada pocos meses para tenerlos rehecho. Insatisfecho con el mantenimiento constante, ella buscó una solución permanente.

Cirujano de transplante de cabello ampliamente venerado, Dr. Umar, sería capaz de darle la solución que quería a través de trasplante de ceja. Mediante la extracción de unidades foliculares, cosechó varios pelos de la nuca del cuello del paciente uno en un momento y luego los implantados en el contorno de su hueso de la ceja. El resultado es cejas nuevo, real y permanente.

Historic First: Body Hair Transplant Restores Balding Head: 8,000 Grafts

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Never before has this type of hair restoration been done to such success.

This patient came to Dr. Umar with, to be honest, a near-total bald crown. The patient was experiencing natural hair thinning (no extra loss due to scarring caused by “strip harvesting”), and was after a solution.

In one session, Dr. Umar relocated 8,000 individual hair grafts from the man’s beard and donor areas of his head using Follicular Unit Extraction.

As you can see, the result was life changing. Through Body Hair Transplant (BHT), this patient now has a new lease on life.

Have more questions about your hair loss options? Contact Dr. Umar for a free online consultation today.

Follicular Unit Extraction v. Strip Harvesting: The Winner Is….

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“Strip harvesting” usually requires cutting strips of flesh from the back and side of the head, resulting in a linear scar that can widen overtime, and forcing you to continually find ways to hide it. The older method also limits the donor supply to 5,000-7,000 hair follicles, a huge waste.

Scarring is a huge issue with the strip approach, but not with FUE and the advanced uGraft method taken by Dr. Umar. Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no linear scarring, as can be seen in this video featuring a patient who was so desperate to hide his scars he resorted to tattoos. With regards to yield, it is a myth to imply that one method yields better growth than the other. The video highlight the importance of going to s skilled doctor in whatever method you choose (strip or FUE), as a poorly skilled doctor (whether FUT or FUE) can lead to suboptimal results. The inherent pros and cons of each method not withstanding, the experience of the provider is of paramount importance

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Crew Cut After Hair Transplant? Not a Problem With Follicular Unit Extraction: 1,200 Grafts

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The outdated hair transplant method of “strip harvesting” leaves those who have endured it with no appreciable difference in hair restoration, along with an unsightly scar to remind them of the failed effort. This scarring also greatly reduces their personal style choices, because it is all but impossible to sport a tight crew cut when you need your hair to hide the scars.

This patient did what we at DermHair Clinic have seen many do – resort to tattoos in a desperate attempt to hide the scars left by “strip harvesting.” Dr. Umar helped him by using the patient’s body hair (body hair to head transplant) to camouflage the scar, transplanting 1,200 individual hair follicles to the problem area.

Was he happy? Take a look at the “before” and “after” in the video to decide!

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