Minnesota Hair Restoration

A report from the ISHRS tells us that upwards of 60 million U.S. residents are experiencing some form of hair loss. Forty million of them are men, and ninety-five percent of male hair loss is being caused by a genetic condition called pattern baldness. This must mean that some thousands of men living in Minnesota are a part of these numbers. And as such, Minnesota hair restoration clinics have arisen in various metropolitan areas, like Saint Paul and Minnetonka. But for hair loss sufferers who truly desire permanent, natural-looking, life-altering results, DermHair Clinic of Los Angeles, California is the superior choice for treatment.

DermHair Clinic has an unparalleled reputation for its consistently successful results. Dr. Umar, the founder and practicing surgeon of this facility, has years of experience working exclusively via FUE (follicular unit extraction). When he learned of the great need for treating severely bald patients, he became a pioneering doctor of BHT (body hair transplant). With his self-developed FUE excision tool, uGraft, Dr. Umar heightens hair transplant results, while reducing the risks and complications of this advanced surgery.

Some Minnesota hair restoration clinics are exceptional, but DermHair Clinic has a high caliber of integrity, skill, and

FUE hair transplant repair by Dr. Umar

FUE hair transplant repair by Dr. Umar

artistic vision. A hair transplant patient of Dr. Umar is typically provided with:

  • No stitches or staples for wound closure
  • A scalpel-free procedure
  • Cosmetically acceptable scarring
  • Speedy healing and recovery
  • Refined hairline design due to the expanded donor selection of FUE
  • Evenly applied density
  • High graft survival rates long-term
  • Exceptional yield/growth

Selecting an experienced and highly acclaimed surgeon is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your surgery will result in the best outcome possible.

For this reason, Dr. Umar has treated many patients from all over the world and the U.S. Even for prospective patients in Minnesota, hair restoration at DermHair Clinic is worth the distance.

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