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Mexican people take pride in their hair, especially Mexican women. Natural hair care products like the sangregado plant, which grows in the desert of Central Mexico and is used for thinning or distressed hair, or shampoos using chamomile and sesame to keep hair healthy, help women maintain their traditionally long hair. To keep their hair manageable, they wear it in a loose braid or bun. These hairstyles reflect not only the culture, but also their warm climate.

As with all other races, people of Mexican heritage must contend with pattern baldness. Thus, there are clinics in Mexico offering hair restoration services. Mexico is also a common place to go for medical and cosmetic tourism, for people who may not be able to afford the higher costs of surgery in the United States. To appeal to such prospective patients, many clinics tout success with low prices. But in Mexico, hair restoration is not regulated by the FDA, and can be highly risky (this is also true of anywhere outside the U.S.).

DermHair Clinic of Los Angeles is a safe and cost-effective destination for hair transplant. Dr. Sanusi Umar uses his advanced form of follicular unit extraction (FUE) with his signature tool, uGraft. This technique harvests the follicular units individually, as opposed to the “traditional” method, which harvests the grafts by excising a strip of flesh from the scalp. FUE hair transplant at DermHair Clinic means you reap the benefits of hair restoration, with:

  • No scalpels used and no need for stitches or staples
  • No linear scar left behind
  • Cosmetically acceptable scarring, overall
  • Fast recovery and healing
  • Broader pool of donor hair
  • Advanced hairline design
DermHair Clinic FUE results.

DermHair Clinic FUE results.

No matter how low the cost in Mexico for hair restoration, quality is what matters most. Hair transplant is a permanent procedure that one must live with for a lifetime. DermHair Clinic offers pleasing lifelong results with minimized risk.


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