Kansas Hair Restoration

Kansas hair restoration facilities have been established to service the potentially thousands of men living within the state who suffer with hair loss. Considering that there are almost 40 million U.S. men with thinning hair—and 95% of it due to pattern baldness—it stands to reason that people living in the state of Kansas comprise some portion of these numbers. Thus, there are services in Kansas City and Overland Park. The reality for these folks, though, is that no Kansas hair restoration clinic can compare to the expertise of DermHair Clinic; a hair transplant office based in Los Angeles, California.

It didn’t take long for DermHair Clinic to establish a reputation as one of the leading clinics in the world for hair transplant. Founded by Dr. Sanusi Umar, this facility is an exclusive practice of FUE (follicular unit extraction) and BHT (body hair transplant), two advanced methods that are considered the vanguard of surgical hair restoration technology. In addition to helping pioneer BHT and being a world-leading practitioner of FUE, Dr. Umar has also created his own signature tool, called uGraft. This excision tool minimizes risks while maximizing rewards, and augments Dr. Umar’s skill and artistic vision.

Patients have visited DermHair Clinic after prior management by Kansas hair restoration clinics in a bid to avail themselves of the most evolved hair restoration practices. The combination of superior technology and skill make it the ultimate refuge for hair loss sufferers seeking restoration. Any patient at DermHair Clinic can expect:

  • FUE hair transplant done by Dr. Umar

    FUE hair transplant done by Dr. Umar


  • An entirely scalpel-less procedure
  • No stitches or staples needed
  • Fast healing, quick recovery
  • Overall, minimized scarring is typical
  • Expanded donor hair supply
  • Advanced hairline design
  • Evenly distributed density
  • Long-term graft survival
  • Superior yield

Dr. Umar’s reputation has reached far and wide, drawing in patients from across the world and all over the United States. The surgeon is the largest determining factor in the success or failure of hair transplant. So hop on a plane in Kansas, superior hair restoration is waiting for you at DermHair Clinic.

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